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- GWARDIA -.jpg

Tottum Maior Summa Partum

General Information
Country Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Total Soldiers 1088
Commanded by Takelbery
2nd jedimindtrick
Commanders krzmig
Part of Polish Army

- GWARDIA -, also known as - GWP -, was one of the biggest Military units in Poland. It was considered as one of MUs creating the main part of the Polish Army.

Brief history

-GWARDIA- was created by two ex BlueRose-players: Basowy and Lipvig in October 2011. From the very beginning, it was concentrated on teaching new and young citizens how to survive and fight effectively for Poland.

After Basowy's recruiting article, it started getting bigger and bigger, the first big improvement was union with GOND (another MU). Other unions were signed within the next 3 months: with Szopy and Oddział Wyklętych (they had their own MU also). With also very active recruiting staff, -GWARDIA- grew and grew bigger becoming one of the biggest MUs in Poland.


(Data true for March 2018):

role player
Leader Basowy
1st Vice-leader lipv
2nd Vice-leader krzmig
Regiment Captain Jan Marten
Regiment Captain ZdzislawKozka
Regiment Captain jedimindtrick
Regiment Captain NYski
Regiment Captain Takelbery
Regiment Captain marko.polo73
Regiment Captain Yogozord

GWARDIA copies