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The 11th Parliament of New Zealand was in session from August 25, 2011 to September 25, 2011. The membership was set by the August 25 elections by voters in the six regions under NZ rule. However, due to a war with Australia only three regions seated politicians. Five political parties secured representation in the elections.

Five parties earned representation in this Parliament, with Red label Party (RLP) and the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party (PnPP) both securing 6 seats. This was followed by Ujedinjenje ili smrt (UIS) with 5 seats and Ranginui with four seats. These four parties had been constant features since the 7th NZ Parliament.

The newest party to enter the Parliament was the National Front New Zealand. This party earned 1 seat, at the expense of Red Squad, which it had intentionally sought to dislodge from the legislature.

The 11th Parliament was a relatively clam affair. It strongly supported the PnPP led Administration of Mortalbeta and worked with her to ensure that NZ remained conflict free during her term. There was an attempted "impeachment proposal" by a renegade UIS MP but this was swiftly rejected and the MP quickly resigned. The Parliament largely reaffirmed NZ's support for ONE by signing MPP's its allies but also expanded this by supporting new alliances with Mexico and Turkey.

The 11th Parliament was also notable for approving a new Citizens Message which President Mortalbeta had personally drafted. The new statement was meant to affirm NZ's history and offer some insight to its past.

Layout of the 11th NZ Parliament

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