1st (US) Infantry Division

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AK47.jpg This page is about a paramilitary group or organisation.

Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.

1st Infantry Division

1st US Army Division Logo.png

No mission too difficult, no Sacrifice too great - duty first

General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Type Infantry Division
Total Soldiers Classified
Part of United States Army

The 1st Infantry Division is one of the oldest units of the United States Army. It's motto is "No mission too difficult, no Sacrifice too great- duty first".

United States Army

First Division was formerly commanded by Atlien and his XO, Eli Wheelbarrow, and Goaly1323, the longest tenured officer in the United States Army (ten months). She served throughout several Army administrations and provided stable leadership in the ranks. She is currently 7-clicking in the 2/4, she still keeps the title of longest tenure in the army alive.

United States Army Group West

On the 12th February, 2010, the United States Army was split into three branches, and 1st Division was transferred to the newly created United States Army Group West.

Return to the United States Army

On the 30th June, 2010, as a result of the rebranding of Army Group East as the United States Cavalry, Army Group West returned to the name of the United States Army, retaining the AGW Divisions and structure but assuming the Army's name.

The 1st Division is currently active in the United States Army, under the command of jerseygirldani and her XO heliarc.

Past Commanders