5m0k3`s Hous3s

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5m0k3`s Hous3s
Logo of 5m0k3`s Hous3s
Owner 5m0k3`s Hous3s
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
HeadQuarters Ontario
Parent 5m0k3`s Corp
Licenses Canada
Workers 14
Quality 1
Industry Construction
Product House
Value Icon-gold.gif 30 GOLD

5m0k3's Houses was founded on Day 820 of the new world, and is growing rapidly. 5m0k3's Corp is privately owned, by 5m0k3's Corp (org).

Their primary focus right now is to it's employees, trying to find hard working employees with 90+ wellness, that strives to work everyday. They reward these individuals with constant salary increases, as well a 20% discount on all stock, and talks of raffles and contests including great prizes!

Their secondary focus is to our consumers. They guarantee the lowest price in our market! If you can find a lower price, they'll beat it by 5 CAD, GUARANTEED!

They plan on constantly raising the quality level of our houses, funded privately, to about Q3, then starting to publicly share the company, using those funds to boost to Q5 quickly. At that time they will also offer shares (as a bonus) to their most valued workers, giving them yet another huge bonus for working hard, and staying loyal.

5m0k3's Corp (their owning org) plans on expanding the organization to add another company, in the wood gathering business. This will help them with profits by reducing costs, thus being able to give even more salary increases, raise the value of the company, and as well as to pay Dividends to shareholders.

they have a news paper we like to update on a weekly basis, to let their employees know about contest/raffles, to keep their shareholders in the loop, and could also be used as a guide on what to expect for first time business owners.

Click here to view our newspaper!

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