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The 7th Parliament of New Zealand was in session April 25 to May 25, 2011. The membership was set by the April 25 parliamentary elections. This parliament witnessed the return of a single-party majority but also saw political re-alignment take place nearing its later stages.

Just prior to the parliamentary elections, the Red label Party was PTOed. The vast majority of its members flocked to the Free Texas which had renamed itself Stranka Srpskog Korpusa (SSK) following the influx of members. This gave the party a huge voter and for the first time since the "Aotearoa" times a party captured a single-party majority.

The Ranginui returned to Parliament in a strengthened position, having won two additional seats and became the second largest party in Parliament. It remained on good ties with the SSK and therefore was able to cooperate with it on various legislative proposals.

The third party to win representation was the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party (PnPP), which returned to Parliament after a one month hiatus. The party was no longer identified as an "opposition" party and instead had developed working relations with the SSK and Ranginui. It benefited in the May Presidential election when former CP Don KronoX joined the PnPP and was elected, with both Ranginui and SSK support.

The seventh Parliament brought about major changes in the NZ economy and military, thanks in large measure to the Argentina-New Zealand War which occupied much of its later stages. The Parliament supported the KronoX administration by cutting import taxes on food and weapons, by signing MPP's with leading ONE nations and purchasing defense systems for the Otago and later Canterbury regions. It did suffer membership in late May when some SSK members rejoined the RLP, after its former PP loader returned to take the helm.

Layout of the 7th NZ Parliament

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