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Nationality Flag-India.jpg Indian
Date of birth Oct 05, 2009
Date of death 2013
Newspaper Satya Meva Jayte
Congress member of Northern India
15 Nov 2009 – 15 Dec 2009
Preceded by David Forde
Vice Minister of Defence of India
Dec 2009 – 15 Jan 2010
Minister of Internal Affairs of India
5 Jan 2010 – 5 Feb 2010
Minister of Defence of India
15 Jan 2010 – 5 march 2010
Preceded by Srachit
President of India
5 March 2010 – 5 April 2010
Preceded by Jelly9473
5 May 2010 –
Minister of Foreign Affairs of India
5 April 2010 – 5 May 2010
Preceded by Ashwamedh
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force*.png World Class Force*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Abhi347 is a citizen of India.

He started his eife in Maharashtra, with the guidance of Hepta. He's interested in politics of India and continuously working to get his country on the top of this World.



Abhi347 joined Democratic Party of India since he stepped on to this New World. He got his first congress support from Democratic Party of India and after that stayed there. He's an active member of DPI and supports democracy. The party president post was offered to him once, but due to excessive responsibility over him, he politely refused it and asked to give the position to some new and active member.


Abhi347 has initiated his political career by running for the congress from Maharashtra for Oct-Nov 09 term, but can't make it to the Lok-Sabha. After the expected fail, he got support from that time DPI party President Gendun Choephel to run again in next congress election.

In the Nov-Dec 09 term, he ran again for the congress from Northern India region to fail the possible PTO threat and won. He ran again for congress for Dec-Jan 2010 term from Chattisgarh region of India, but couldn't make it to the second Congress medal.


Abhi347 handled many roles in the Indian government. He was a Minister of Internal Affairs, along with Minister of Defence in Jan-Feb 09 term, but after Jelly9473 got elected as a president he decided to reduce the official positions to just Minister of Defence. He was attached with Internal Affairs department with a Citizen Mentor tag.

After the term of Jelly9473 got ended, Abhi347 decided to run for the Country President Post and won against a Mafia PTOer from a slight margin. Due to some misunderstandings with the current Party President of DPI, he didn't get support from his own party and thus decided to run from India United Party. After the President term got ended, he returned to DPI.

He has been nominated as Minister of Foreign Affairs of India by Srachit, who's working as the acting president of India, as David Forde, the official President was unable to continue his term actively.


Abhi347 was elected as the President of India for the March-April 2010 term. He voted out his opponent Jelly9473 on Indian forums for becoming a sole official candidate for the election, against a Mafia PTOer.

Abhi347 was again elected as President of India for the May-June 2010 term.


Abhi347 got a new Q5 hospital in Jharkhand, India, for the continuation of the Karnataka Deal with USA. During his term the GDP of India got more than double compared to previous term. He was successful in securing India from Political takeover attempts from Serbia and Iran by negotiations. Also he secured India from any possible military attacks by the help of David Forde and Shail.back, the war strategy think tanks of India.


Abhi347 had taken the post of Battalion Commander of the Brigade of the Guards battalion of Indian Armed Forces in India-Iran war Dec09. He was also referred as Deputy Minister of Defence along with patton in the presidency of ArjaaAine. In the presidency of Ashwamedh, he continued with Deputy MoD, but changed his battalion from Brigade of the Guards to Gorkha Rifles, as ordered by new MoD Srachit.

Abhi347 restructured Indian Armed Forces from scratch and after the RL tragedy with Srachit, he was named as the new Minister of Defence.

Due to his efforts on revitalizing Indian Armed Forces, he continued in the next term as Minister of Defence and got a notable success in his efforts.


Abhi347 was so involved in the Indian government that he haven't started his own business. Although he was running almost all govt. companies which includes all genre of companies. He successfully managed all these companies to remain in high productivity and good profit.

After seeing high profits for the companies under his management he decided to run his own business and started an org named as "Incredible India" with Vivekanand and started a Q2 wood company in Jharkhand, a high wood region. Later he upgraded his Q2 wood company into a Q3 Wood and also added a Q1 weapon company into his organisation. His organisation got listed in the erx stock exchange under the symbol of INC.


Abhi347 is the writer and editor of the Newspaper eIndian Times in which he writes about his views on the current affairs and campaigns as well as interviews of the prominent and important citizens. Abhi347 has taken interview of kansarasumit, than president of India. Newspaper was ranked the 20th most subscribed newspaper in India.


Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 15x Hard Worker
Icon achievement congressman on.gif 11x Congress member.
Icon achievement president on.gif 2x Country President.
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif 24x Battle Hero.
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 56x Super Soldier.