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Adam Beck

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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
National rank 137
Date of birth 11 May 2011
Date of death July 2015 (est)
Residence Queensland
Sex Male
Congress member of Australia
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force*.png World Class Force*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

About Adam Beck

First avatar.

Adam Beck was the Party president of the Australian Libertarian Party, a small Australian party.

Formerly known as Corey Blake, reborn as Solid Snake.

"This isn't a training exercise. Our lives are riding on this. There are no heroes or heroines. If you lose, you're worm food."

Political Career

Member of Australian National Party and Australian Libertarian Party.


Adam Beck was a member of Dart-Star Inquisition before he joined KnightHawks.


He was the press director of The Free Press Journal.

Extract From the The Free Press Journal:

The Arrival [AB4CP]

So this is my introduction article for my run for the high office of Country President of Australia.

The format of this will be slightly different that what you may be used to seeing. While some candidates like to compile a wall of text spaced out by pictures, I will try and keep things simply, as simplicity is always better. Binda is my main opponent. She has been a power player in Australia since 2009. She knows how to play politics. But is politics what we need right now? Or do we need someone who will step in and take command. Someone who is willing to stand up to our enemies and push back harder.

Under my leadership, nothing will be negotiable. It will be all or nothing. We cannot accept second best. It is time for us to take off our training wheels and enter reality. We CAN be great. We WILL be great. So help me August 5th as we oust the power players and wheel in the next generation of great leaders.

Thank you and Dear Father Bless You! [1]


Manufacturing Land Constructions Strength
Icon skill manufacturing.gif 0 Icon skill land.gif 0 Icon skill construction.gif 0 Icon skill strength.gif 8,338.17


Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 12x Hard Worker
Icon achievement congressman on.gif 01x Congress member.
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif 30x Battle Hero.
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 33x Super Soldier.
Icon achievement truepatriot on.gif 13x True Patriot