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Flag of Aegis
Formation March 17, 2019
Type Military+Diplomatic Alliance
Headquarters Graubunden, Switzerland
Secretary-General Imperial Council
Members 3

The Aegis (Full name: Aegis League of Legends) is an alliance that was created on March 17, 2019 by Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland, with the support of Icon-Austria.png Austria as well, as its first country-member.

This alliance will mainly focus on protecting and strengthening smaller and more distant countries, so they can protect each other from external, larger threats, while also they will ensure that Switzerland will remain a strong and moving new force in the New World (both diplomatically and militarily).


The Aegis will act as a shield and support system for all the aforementioned country-members, while Switzerland will be the leading country and founding member of the whole alliance, making sure that everyone in the Aegis council will have fair treatment, and that all opinions+thoughts will be heard and accepted, within reason.

On March 22, 2019 (Day 4,140) the alliance was officially created by chris jonadicus [1].


Country Councilors
Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland Rican
Chris jonadicus
Icon-Armenia.png Armenia KokoAp
Icon-Nigeria.png Nigeria m4ritz4

Aegis Council

The Aegis council will discuss and decide on all crucial aspects of the alliance, both in terms of laws, diplomacy and war.
The Councilors serving from the founding states, Switzerland and Ireland hold two votes in alliance affairs. Councillors serving from all other member states hold one vote.

In addition to heads of state, there are two Councilors-for-Life who have voting power in alliance affairs regardless of their political status in member nations. One of these Councillors is Chris jonadicus of Switzerland. When not serving as heads of state, Councilor-for-Life holds one and one-half votes in alliance affairs.

Relations with other alliances

to be added soon.