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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Logo of Akrites
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Services Mentoring, paramilitary activities, running companies
Website http://tinyurl.com/Akrites-Orgs

Akrites was the first mentoring team formed in Greece after the initiative given by President Jaguaros in August 2009. Originally, mentoring teams’ job was to help new players blend in the community and get organized for a right and good life and gaming experience. However, under the circumstances that Greece was at the time, Akrites transformed into a paramilitary organization. Members established small companies and fought for the best of Greece. Many other mentoring teams followed Akrites’ example, and the result was the liberation of all Greece. Some might say that Greece’s liberation was made possible because of EDEN’s interference, but Greece’s organization due to mentoring teams was also an asset. After liberation, Akrites started to flourish economically. Small and big companies were established, and many have joined Akrites, reaching Akrites’ members to about 100. Akrites achieved being a medium economic entity. However, due to some miscalculations and strongly because of the saturation of the market, Akrites shut down business officially in January 2010, until version 2, considering the new economic module. Nowadays many ex-Akrites continue evolve in other positions such as soldiers, ministers or ambassadors.


Akrites group has at least four organizations which are used for various of purposes:

Organization Usage Location
Akrites +A+ Central Command The main organization of the group. Was used for publish articles in Greek through newspaper Akrites +A+ News. Organization was also used for distributing items and funds to citizens and other organizations. Attica, Greece
Akrites +A+ Lottery Was used for hosting lotteries. Java, Indonesia
Akrites +A+ suport Was probably used for providing support for citizens. Aegean Islands, Greece
Akrites 1st +A+ Division Was used for running three of group's companies.


Three of Akrites group's companies were run from organization Akrites 1st +A+ Division.

Company Product Quality Location
Akrites +A+ Food Food Q3 Thrace, Greece
Akrites Weapons 1st Division Weapons Q1 Central Greece, Greece
Akrites Iron 1st Division Iron Q3