Al Raposas presidential campaign, April 2013

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Official campaign banner of Al Raposas in his second bid for country presidency.

The Al Raposas presidential campaign of April 2013 began when Al Raposas transferred to RSP and got nominated by tolgaksk on March 27, 2013 (Day 1954) as the presidential candidate of Revolutionary Socialist Party for the Philippine presidential elections on April 5, 2013.[1]


The new Department of Education logo by Al Raposas.

Al Raposas had been a long-time Cabinet member, a career he began when he was appointed Vice Minister of Education in October of 2012. For his second bid for the Country Presidency, Raposas was the Prime Minister of the Philippines, the first time the position was held again since February of 2013. He had only held an elected position when he won a seat (out of six gained by KMP) for the Forty-Fourth Philippine Congress on January 26, 2013. He again won a seat for the Forty-Fifth Philippine Congress on February 26, 2013, but he resigned his post on March 1 when his tax reform for food was rejected. He ran for party presidency of LAKAN-KBP on March 15 but lost heavily against a Macedonian candidate, and so when invited to transfer to RSP, Raposas readily accepted to be the party's candidate.

March campaign

Proclamation rally

Proclamation rally of Al Raposas for his second bid.

Raposas proclaimed his candidacy in his father's hometown, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Luzon on Day 1955. In his speech, Raposas calls for saving the Philippines from total collapse under foreigner administration.[2]

"... If one citizen does vote, is it insignificant? How then could you amass more votes if you do not start with something? Therefore, every individual in this country is important, the basic building block of society that we must help progress. The state must be obliged to take care of its citizens, as a human takes care of his body cells."

He continued:

"... Emulating Quezon, I say today: It would be better for a Philippines run like hell by Filipinos than a Philippines run like heaven by Macedonians. We have been under Macedonian leadership for far too long. What we need is a new Philippines, rebuilt from the old, so that we can further move forward. I trust the people again, who have shown the power they can unleash last March, to show again such power this April. Tell me, is loyalty better than service? What we need now is service, and a quick one!"

April campaign

Easter Sunday and First of April rally

In a rally assembled by his few supporters, Raposas addressed the pressing problems of the Philippines and answered covert attacks by his former Macedonian comrades.[3]

"The Philippines only needs one savior, a leader that can save the country from collapsing every time. A strong government the people can reflect into. You may ask, why do I claim that the Philippines be saved? A bit of history. Of the four countries founded on February 11, 2009, we are third in rank today (rank 55), only above Singapore which was rank 64. And to think that Singapore only had one original region. By that simple fact alone can we observe that we have not completely progressed. Our growth fluctuates. This must not be if we are to envision a bright future for our country."

He continued:

"... I may not play a good performance in opinion polling, mainly because my opponents accuse me of switching loyalties. However, we all know that we don't have permanent parties, only permanent leaders. Leaders that are loyal only to their country. I could have left this country if I wanted, a few inviting me to serve their countries instead because my insights and energies are being wasted in this country. Yet I stayed, continued to serve this country, even if I am still young in some standards. But, did not Rizal say that the youth is the future of the country?"


The complete interview can be seen here. The article received 9 votes, or 2.55% of the Philippine population as of April 4, 2013.

Opinion polling

Opinion polling (locally known as "surveys") is measured by the number of votes of the last day articles of the presidential candidates, dated April 4, 2013 (Day 1955).

Opinion polls for Al Raposas
(As of April 4, 2013)
Date Votes Percentage*
March 28, 2013 (Day 1955) 10[4] 2.83%
April 1, 2013 (Day 1958) 15[5] 4.24%

* Percentage to national population (353) as of April 4, 2013 02:45 Erepublik time


  • Boy Pick Up, current Minister of Education
  • tolgaksk, Party President of RSP
  • bercdo, Party President of Communist Party of Cyprus

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