Al Raposas presidential campaign, March 2013

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LAKAN-KBP nomination of Al Raposas.
Official campaign banner of Al Raposas and running mate Liana Paldrov.

The Al Raposas presidential campaign of March 2013 began when Al Raposas transferred to LAKAN-KBP and got nominated by Liana Paldrov on February 26, 2013 (Day 1925) as the presidential candidate of LAKAN-KBP for the Philippine presidential elections on March 5, 2013.[1]


The new Department of Education logo by Al Raposas.

Al Raposas had been a long-time Cabinet member, a career he began when he was appointed Vice Minister of Education in October of 2012. When he ran for Country President, Raposas was the Minister of Defense of the Philippines, the eighth minister to hold the position more than once. He had only held an elected position when he won a seat (out of six gained by KMP) for the Forty-Fourth Philippine Congress on January 26, 2013. He again won a seat for the Forty-Fifth Philippine Congress on February 26, 2013, but he resigned his post on March 1 when his tax reform for food was rejected.

February campaign

Proclamation rally

Proclamation rally of Al Raposas.

Raposas proclaimed his candidacy in his hometown, Antipolo City, Rizal, Luzon on Day 1925. In his speech, Raposas calls for a New Philippines that shall be characterized by much needed reforms.[2]

" ... in this New World, what we need is a New Philippines. Breaking the current institutions and replacing them with the old and tested methods is not the way to create this vision come true. New methods must be applied to the current institutions. And so to make it short, it is not power of (off) the people, nor power by (buy) the people, not even power for (fool) the people... Power to the people!"

Bulacan rally

Bulacan Rally of Al Raposas.

Raposas then proceeded to Malolos City, Bulacan, Luzon on Day 1926, wherein he appealed for aid from his supporters.[3]

"... My father's ideology was best represented by his trust to the people that they would come to his aid in making his vision come true. I believe it as well... I do not hold a grudge then that his countrymen betrayed him. I just thought to myself that his following may not have been adequate at the time. Followers create leaders, not the other way around. And so I appeal to the Philippine people, urge your party presidents to propose me as their candidate. Your voice can create a change. Power to the people!"

Vigan and Puerto Princesa rallies

Palawan Rally of Al Raposas.

Raposas began campaigning double time by proceeding his campaign trail to Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Luzon and to Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. The LAKAN-KBP standard bearer held the slogan Power to the people which he states as the overall total of his ideology and platform. He also called on for promotion of individual achievement.[4]

"... If one citizen does vote, is it insignificant? How then could you amass more votes if you do not start with something? Therefore, every individual in this country is important, the basic building block of society that we must help progress."

March campaign

Cebu and Zamboanga rallies

Zamboanga Rally of Al Raposas.

Raposas continued his swift and thorough campaign by proceeding his campaign trail to Cebu City, Cebu, Visayas and to Zamboanga City, Mindanao. This finalized his campaigning for nomination from the other parties. His campaign for the citizens continued until March 4, 2013.

A question encountered by Raposas in his travels was this:

"If the government is a chess game, what chess piece are you?"

He gave a rather surprising answer, at least on the side of the audience:

"I would be the king... Why? Because it is only the king who can produce a truly centrist approach in a chess game, a stalemate. Also, despite its very resounding title, it is actually the most humble piece. Why? Because it can only move one tile at a time, unlike a Queen who can go anywhere she wants, or a pawn who is ambitious for his personal gain. Imagine, even if the king does not move at all, the game is still being won? Because he prioritizes the achievement of his men, letting them earn their own spurs."

Last day campaigns

In his last campaign sortie, Raposas called for citizens to help increase voter turnout by voting on March 5, whoever the official candidates would be. Also, he expressed his grave concern upon the nomination of kmm225 by four of the top five parties in the Philippines (KMP and the RD-led coalition), of which Raposas comments to kmm225 as Macedonian at heart. He calls for the citizens to remove the shroud of fake nationalism from the other candidates. Raposas said:

”In his proclamation article, kmm225 seemingly announces victory as he announced when he is going to open the Cabinet positions in his administration. How dare he, my mandate is not beaten yet. Such arrogance is no Filipino trait. I cannot comprehend why my former comrades at KMP selected this citizen to be President of this country, when I thought that the prestige I gave them in November 2012 is enough to win their approval. Am I not winnable? If so, let us show them the power of the people! I know that I am not alone in this endeavor, and it is a Filipino trait to fight even if the odds are against them, just like the standoff in RL Sabah.”[5]

He continued:

”Hear me, the presidency of a country is not only in fighting experience or battle statistics, it is also in the heart to serve the Filipino people. I have been serving the country for five months, in all the in-game Cabinet posts and the Congress as well. Is this not enough to prove my dedication for the Philippines so as to elect a foreigner who only showed up now? I don’t even know what plans he has for the country. I acknowledge, though, that foreigner presence in the country helps our Foreign Affairs, so please do not mistake me in this. Citizens, Filipinos, do not be blinded by old and defunct politics, because the future lies in the reforms we will do today! Stop bulok (bloc) voting.”[6]


This is the outline of the platforms laid by the Raposas mandate through Vice Presidential candidate Liana Paldrov (exact copy from the article).[7]

Ministry of Defense Supply Program Expansion: Recipients will now reach citizens up to Level 34, Military Units under the government shall have no limit in experience level to be recipient.

Hunger games: a food-raising contest for citizens above the Level 34. Food accumulated would benefit the recipients of the MoD supply program.

Let’s Take The Initiative Program: launching of a national initiative program which would entertain proposals that are not in-game, like E-Palarong Pambansa or a national religion. This is aimed to increase non-governmental citizens’ participation in national affairs.

Individual Stimulus Package: allows citizens to apply for funding from the government to buy permanent infrastructure like mines or plantations

Expansion of the National Armed Forces: as of today, only PSF forms our official armed forces. The Raposas mandate is determined to absorb more units under the government’s fold.

The Military Unit Requirement: if you are a Philippine citizen, your military unit must be in the Philippines. Otherwise, you will not be covered by any subsidy from the government.

Veterans One-Time Big-Time Allowance: in commemoration of the fourth year of the Philippines in the New World, we will provide veteran citizens a one time allowance from the government to express our gratitude to their work.

The Ministries that will be perpetrated if the Raposas mandate is elected are the following:

•Ministry of Defense (in-game)

•Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in-game)

•Ministry of Education (in-game)

•Ministry of Finance or Governor of Central Bank (in-game)

•Ministry of Culture and the Arts: in adherence to our commitment to promote Philippine culture, arts and national patrimony

•Ministry of Transportation: the government shall subsidize moving fees for citizens who need to finish their daily orders

Opinion polls

Opinion polling (locally known as "surveys") is measured by the number of votes of the last day articles of the presidential candidates, dated March 4, 2013 (Day 1931).

Name Current government position Party/ies Votes and Percentage
Al Raposas Minister of Defense LAKAN-KBP 81 (16.80%)
kmm225 none KMP, DPP, RD Philippines Movement 107 (22.20%)
tolgaksk RSP Party President RSP N/A
Opinion polls for Al Raposas
(As of March 4, 2013)
Date Votes Percentage*
February 26, 2013 (Day 1925) 15[8] 3.11%
February 27, 2013 (Day 1926) 14[9] 2.90%
February 28, 2013 (Day 1927) 14[10] 2.90%
March 1, 2013 (Day 1928) 12[11] 2.49%

* Percentage to national population (482) as of March 4, 2013 22:00 Erepublik time


Partial, unofficial election results during the concession of Al Raposas.

At around 22:30 of March 5, 2013 (Erepublik time), Raposas conceded to fellow candidate kmm225. He had prepared a short message to his supporters for his concession.[12] He was the first presidential candidate in Philippine history to concede the election.

"... Personally, I only expected to garner 5% of the vote because most third party candidates got almost the same results. However, I thank you for the support and trust the people have given me today. I apologize if your expectations for me was not met. I therefore concede to the KMP candidate. I'm sad that my old party did not endorse me, their compatriot, even if it is their objective to prevent foreign takeovers. But anyway, conceding does not mean I shall stop my service to the Filipino citizenry. Our battle has just begun, so do not lose heart. The Filipino spirit is strong and relentless."

Campaign for higher Voter Turnout

During the course of his campaign, Raposas also called for higher voter turnout for the March Presidential elections. It was said to be successful since voter turnout was up by around eight percentage points from February 2013, the highest since November 2012 (in terms of number of votes).


  • kb1992, former President of the Philippines
  • Eldarion Sionnodel, former President of the Philippines
  • Boy Pick Up, current Minister of Education

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