Albanian Unity Party

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Albanian Unity Party

General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Abbreviation AUP
Forum [1]
Colors Red, black
Founded May, 2011
President Arsene Lupin III
Members Over 100
Congress Occupancy 1 seats
Orientation Center
Ideology National-Unity


AUP was created on May 2011 by Kris Hasa. He thought it was a way to unite all Albanians and bring them in USA until their country entered eRepublik.

Presidents of the party

1. Kris Hasa

2. AlbanianWarrior

3. AlbanianWarrior

4. aLalban

5. Taoism

6. aLalban

7. Jimakos-Thess

8. Arsene Lupin III

Congress history

AUP sent Kris Hasa with 'United States Workers Party' in the elections of June in Idaho. With 7 votes Hasa failed and didn't make to get in congress. In June AUP had no congress member.

The 2nd time AUP sent Taoism with USWP in North Dakota also Kris Hasa for the 2nd time but now with Libertarian Party in Navarra (Spanish region conquered by USA). Both of candidates won. Taoism won in North Dakota with 11 votes also Hasa won in Navarra with 7 votes.

In October AUP set up 4 candidates but could get on congress only 1, Albanet.