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Nationality Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonian
National rank 4
Date of birth 06.11.2008 - Day 352
Residence Louna-Eesti
Sex Male
Political party Isamaalised Liberaalid
President of Estonia
April 01, 2010 – July 05, 2010
Preceded by Michael Holden
Party president of Eesti Natsionaal-Demokraadid
14 September 2009 – 16 November 2009
Preceded by Rafale
Succeeded by Enrii Lindebaum
Party president of Vaba ja Iseseisev Eesti
16 July 2009 – 15 August 2009
Preceded by Angst Winterblest
Succeeded by s33vald
Vice president of Estonia
21 October 2009 – 05 December 2009
Strategy Advisor of Estonia
06 October 2009 – 21 October 2009
Cabinet Advisor of Estonia
June 06, 2009 – July 05, 2009
Military unit BEST Estonia
Rank Icon rank General***.png General***

Albertti has been the President of Estonia for several times.


Albertti's currently employment status is unknown.

Albertti has currently earnt 21 Hard Worker achievements.


Albertti has reached the military rank of General**.

Albertti has earnt 15 Super Soldier achievements.

On February 2, 2010, Albertti became a Battle Hero in the battle of Pohja-Eesti.

Until today, Albertti has earnt 15 Battle Hero and 2 Campaign Hero achievements.


Albertti has been a member of the congress of Estonia on 14 occasions in the past.

Albertti is a current member of the Isamaalised Liberaalid party, where he was Party president from September 14, 2009 until November 16, 2009.

Albertti was also previously the Party president of the Vaba ja Iseseisev Eesti (Free and Independent Estonia) party from 16 July 2009 until August 15, 2009 and the Party president of Eesti Natsionaal-Demokraadid from September 14, 2009 until November 16, 2009.


Albertti has been a member of the Cabinet of Estonia in the past.

In June 2009, Albertti was appointed as one of two Cabinet Advisors to the s33vald Presidency.

In October 2009, he was again involved in cabinet, this time as Strategy Advisor to the Angst Winterblest Presidency.

From October 20, 2009 until 05 December 2009, he was the Vice president of Estonia.


Albertti currently owns 24 companies, including a Q3 weapon company.


Albertti owns the newspaper eEesti Vabariigi Uudised.