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Nationality Flag-UK.jpg British
National rank 1
Date of birth Feb 04 2009
Residence Newquay, Cornwall, South West
Political party One Vision
Newspaper Alfa News
Congressman of South Korea
Minister of Finance of South Korea
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Alfagrem was born the son of a goon refuge from attica in the town of Eilat in what was then Turkish occupied territory.

South Korea


Alfagrem moved to South Korea during the term of President Parr0t responding to a plea for immigration following a food shortage on the peninsula.

The First Republic

Rapidly building up a core of companies that would soon come to dominate the South Korean economy, Alfagrem's first prominent public appearance was during the Parr0t re-election campaign when he criticized the claims made by the incumbent regarding the executive's role on the growth in eSK.

In a tight election it was to prove crucial as Parr0ts previous strong lead rapidly diminished and Francis DeBoyle was to become president by one vote.

The following month brought eSK an influx of goon citizens. Initially torn between eSK and his fathers people, Alfagrem spurned joining the newcomers as they were poor imitations of their forefathers from Greece.

In a time of much confusion Alfagrem was prominent amongst those who sought to fight the PTO of eSK and one of the first to recognize the need for an alignment with the Turkish immigrants who had come to fight goonish influence. Political shenanigans, betrayal and invasion was to mark the following period of time in eSK but the nation was to emerge in much the same state as it did prior to his arrival.

As time wore on and various PTOers sought to gain control of eSK, Alfagrem acknowledged the weakness of the eSK state and spearheaded the movement to merge eSK into Japan.


After a few months spent in Japan, The eSKers attempted to bring South korea back onto the map. Unfortunatly the nation was descended upon by the Theocrats who had found themselves without a nation since their base in Switzerland had been destroyed in the last world war.

In a tightly fought initial election the former South koreans lost control of their nation by a 2 vote margin, despite the numerous appeals made to the admins about blatant multi usuage by the Theocrats. Whilst these claims were eventually validated and the multi's subsequently banned - The result was allowed to stand!

Together with their Japanese allies the former eSKers attempted to eliminate the eSK nation and place it back into Japanese care but with EDEN backing the Theocrats were able to stay on the map and even have their PTO validated by the regional alliance of Sol.

Sol Wargames and the Independence of Thailand

The ongoing struggle for eSK now boiled down to reporting the Theocrat multies before they had the rank and opportunity to vote in the next election. The Sol recognition of the Theocrat PTO was a blow to eSK hopes as entrance into the Sol wargames now meant that the Theocratic multies needed only 3 days to achieve voting rank.

Alfagrem launched himself against the entire Sol alliance in an attempt to stall the Sol wargames and prevent the Theocrat multies ranking up. In a one man attack on Malaysia he was able to stall the fighting until mass reporting by Malaysians and Sol leaders resulted in Alfagrem suffering a one day permanant ban from the game.

Returning the next day full of vengence for the attempted slurring of his name - he broke apart the FRoSEA alliance and won Thailand her independence from Malaysia

The war with Japan

Many months passed as Alfagrem disappeared from the game due to RL reasons till one day the Theocrats realised that South Korea was rather boring and they left (with a fair chunk of KRW) handing control back to the old eSKers.

Japan then attacked, Alfa then spanked them back across the border and liberated Jeju.

eSK to eNZ

Alfa got bored and went to eNZ upon its entrance to the game but found it run by a load of Americans who wanted to create a tiny american colony with the same baffling taxes and govermental set-up as eUSA.

The Serbs however won the battle for eNZ but Alfagrem got sick of the English types bitching about it and left for the eUK


Alfagrem moved to his RL homeland the UK and started rebuilding his industrial bases having broken up and sold his Asian factories.

Arriving shortly before the stunning decision by the UK HoC to join her former enemies in Terra, Alfagrem joined the 'wait and see how this goes' crowd and swallowing his gut feeling he founded a MU '7th Armoured Division' to fight in the upcoming wars.

As a member of the UKWP, Alfagrem and his MU found themselves under attack by internal 'oldfag' sources to which they would finnaly succumb but not before blazing a glorious trail across occupied France, Brazil and Mexico in a campaign so annoying to Poland that they MPP'd with Ireland to spite the UK.

With UK's decision to leave the failure that was Terra and under constant domestic attack - The UKWP and the '7th Armoured' folded and Alfagrem returned back into the wilderness.

The Canadian wars

Whilst an initial opponent of making war with Ireland, Alfagrem became a regular feature on the battlefield whenever Canada expanded the war and whiteknighted in to save Ireland.

In the first 2 month war, Alfagrem fought in spite of a courrupt, back-door dealing CP (Artela) and succeded in foiling Canadian attempts to close the war with Ireland until Sweden were finnaly able to roll through Scotland (despite oldfag UK interference) and invade Canada during the first American wipe. Ending the war in Victory for the UK.

Arriving too late in the second Canuck invasion to prevent their approach to the capital, Alfagrem instead focused on carrying out the operational plans he had refined during the last war.

Whilst holding up the TEDEN offensive in London with some big numbers, he was able to use their singular focus to RW away the Canadian rented regions in America and act that to this day has denied Canada 20% boost in both Food and Weapon production.


Icon achievement hardworker on.gif Hard Worker (x26) Icon achievement president on.gif Country President (x0)
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif Super Soldier (x45) Icon achievement congressman on.gif Congress member (x9)
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif Battle Hero (x957)
Icon achievement campaignhero on.gif Campaign Hero (x174)
Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif Media Mogul (x1)
Icon achievement resistance on.gif Resistance Hero (x18)