Alianza por eChile

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Alianza por eChile

Party-Alianza por eChile v2.jpg

Members Party-Union Democrata Liberal v2.jpg UDL
Party-Partido Nacional Republicano.jpg PNR
Party-Chile Unido v2.jpg CU
Country Flag-Chile.jpg Chile
Abbreviation La Alianza
Colors Red, blue, white
Formation November 30, 2009
Disbanded April 27, 2010

Alianza por eChile (Eng. Alliance for eChile) was a political right-wing alliance in Chile, formed originally by Partido Nacional Republicano and Union Democrata Liberal on November 30, 2009. Some time after, Chile Unido joined it, lasting for some months with highlights and downfalls. La Alianza was dissolved on April 27, 2010, after UDL exited from it[1], some days after the CU as well decided to part ways. During its existence, alliance had over 200 members from all of the parties that were part of it.


On November 30, La Alianza was formed by the 2 right parties in order to fix their rivalry and join forces to get the country presidency, which was accomplished in December elections, giving the seat to leanix, founder and party president of UDL[2].