And so arrived the 666th day of eRepublik

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 Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive...

...the risk to be alive and express what we really are. 

On 16 September 2009, day 666 of the New World, the eRepublik Insider released a rather humorous article about the day. Citizens had been speculating if anything "evil" would happen in the game in the forums.

And so arrived the 666th day of eRepublik

Dear citizens,

We all feel the growing tensions in our beautiful New World, that few days ago were just whispers, but are now getting louder and louder: “will the Ugly-One show up?” In the last days paroxysm has reached unbearable levels, we've seen citizens donating all their money to their brothers because it doesn't matter anymore, we've seen managers giving up their high-quality companies in order to start selling holy water. We have even seen a guy trying to sell Q5 blessings which supposedly would wash away a minimum of 100 sins. We started to do research in order to find out what this was all about, and pretty quickly things were cleared up. Not long after the creation of the New World, the ancient civilization of Betanianus Persianus, living in deplorable Q1 houses in what is today Iran, predicted the comeback of the Ugly-One. The sacred text reads

“[...]and in the six hundredth and sixty sixth day after the creation of the New World, the Ugly-One will tear apart the world, rising from the black depths to bring destruction, pain and sufferance among the citizens. To recognize the beast, just look after the 404 code tattoo, somewhere on his head.”

This text is too old, no physical evidence exists, but generation after generation of citizens has passed on these stories to the youths. Citizens, have no fear! Our brave team is prepared to fight the beast, and all of us will see the rising and shining sun on day 667!

The first measure was to hunt down the headless chicken. You can't imagine how creepy it was trying to catch a vigorous chicken with no head, running all over the offices. Finally, after more than 20 minutes we got her! Headless chicken is our captive now, locked in an impenetrable cage, guarded by two fearless programmers. When we tried to get the screwdriver from her hand, the chicken just went mad, really mad, but in the end we won again! So, having the chicken captive and, most importantly, without the screwdriver, we are secure.

Next, we hired a team of 22 priests, each of them armed with The Holy Bible of PHP&Symphony (2009 edition) ready to unleash powerful holy bits in case the Ugly-One shows up. We had a strong debate here, because those fellas are pretty expensive and we couldn't afford them initially. We had to sell our Foosball table, our licensed computer games, our coffee maker, everything...but it still wasn't enough! Fortunately, once again, Ivona saved us by agreeing to appear in FHM magazine, which brought us more cash than we had obtained by selling all our stuff. Now the priority is to get back at least George`s desk and chair that we had already sold.

So, everybody, stay calm. Don't give away your belongings, don't try to clone yourself hoping for increased chances of surviving the rumored apocalypse. And don't worry, we'll get over this dangerous 666 day with no problems, so that we'll celebrate day 1000 of the New World.

Regards, The eRepublik Team