Anon Bliss

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Anon Bliss

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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth 480
Date of death Around Day 1700
Residence Hokkaido
Newspaper Anti Speak News
Congress member of Japan
Military rank Icon rank National Force*.png National Force*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Early History

Started out his eLife of humble origins in Kinki, Icon-Japan.png Japan while Akki was under his first set of presidential elections. Anon began by two-clicking, just living, working, and training to gain strength and help out Japan. He didn't know if this game was even worth staying, as there was nothing really to do other than just read newspaper articles.

When the Game finally started to get interesting

After gaining levels and experience, Anon went along with his life and eventually joined a political party, the fifth-ranked party at the time, the Tequila Fitness Club, while it was under the reigns of Origineel.NL, InfernoSD, and Angrr. Anon was asked by Angrr to run for Congress in Gyeongsangnam-do. His first run was unsuccessful, but he didn't falter and ran again in the next elections and got in. During his term, he tried to improve the economy and to make Japan a haven for people to come and have fun. He also was trying to stop eventual PTO attempts of the country. During the term, he gained some good friends, like Oraizan, Tohru, Walorm, Geno Garon, and others that at the time were influential and, according to Anon, a lot of fun to have around.

After several times of being in Congress, Anon decided it was enough as he got fed up with politics due to the Kyushu Incident and decided to travel around for a while. Anon explored Icon-Russia.png Russia, Icon-China.png China, Icon-UK.png UK and several others but he felt homesick and went on the forums to see what was happening and eventually returned to Japan. Due to the real life obligations, such as having joined the navy and going through basic training during this time, Anon left his account in the good hands of a friend Darshu, who took good care of Anon's profile.