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Anon Cipher

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth May 15, 2009
Date of death 2012 (est)
Residence Florida
Sex Male
Party president of Libertarian Party
16 October 2009 –
Preceded by Daphne Lilac
Succeeded by Devoid
Congressman of Wisconsin
26 October 2009 –
Preceded by 2000max
Chief of staff of United States
06 November 2009 –
Preceded by PigInZen
Military rank Icon rank Colonel***.png Colonel***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Anon Cipher was originally named DanielCD, as that was his name when he was born in May 2009.

Starting Out In The UIP

DanielCD started out in the United Independents Party early on in the game. At first he worked in several areas like Communications and Recruitment. But after showing some election knowledge, he was made Chief of Voters of the United Independents Party. After serving a term as CoV, DanielCD was promoted to Secretary of Elections to replace tepwnzor. Of course at this time, the US had dwindled down to the region of Florida, and elections were abnormal. During this time, DanielCD did little on the national level, only serving a short stint as Ambassador to China.

Change of Scene

After becoming disillusioned with parties at the time, DanielCD left the United Independents Party intending on becoming an independent in his own right. For the next four days, DanielCD would make articles poking fun at his time in the UIP. He continued to maintain contact with the UIP, and his friends in the Libertarian Party. This would soon lead to much bigger events.

Joining The Libertarians

One day DanielCD was on the IRC talking to one of his friends Daphne Lilac who at the time was the President of the Libertarian Party. Her VP had declined to help her for a second term, and other members of the party had become banned or inactive. DanielCD quickly decided to step in and join the Libertarian Party as its Vice president to help his friend out. He would fill this role doing multiple jobs in the party from mailing members to helping elections as he had done in the UIP.

Becoming Liberarian Party President

Daphne Lilac had grown more and more busy with other matters, and stated she would not run for the party presidency for a third term. DanielCD decided to run for the Libertarian Party President, and was endorsed by Daphne and a majority of the party leadership. His only opponent was Canni, but it was clear DanielCD was the favorite, and he won the Party Presidency with a strong mandate.

DanielCD would create a cabinet in the party, and make his Vice President sydiot. DanielCD prepared for the October congressional elections and oversaw a growth of the party's congressmen from five to eight, including himself in Wisconsin. He was elected unopposed by a larger margin to a second term.

Second Term

Despite a congressman being banned, DanielCD oversaw major improvements in the party, from the aquiring of a company for the party to the creation of a party constitution and executive committee. In the Novemember congressional elections, DanielCD maintained the party's seven congressmen.

DanielCD was approved by the Libertarian Party Steering Committee for a third term, becoming the first Libertarian Party President since Nave Saikiliah to hold a third term.

Becoming Chief of Staff

In the November Presidential Elections, DanielCD endorsed Josh Frost from the United States Workers Party. After a energized election against sitting Vice President Jewitt, Josh Frost won the election by a strong margin. DanielCD was picked to be Frost's Chief of staff, and gained yet another role in government in addition to being a congressman.