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This article contains the religious views of Dioism. (What's this?)


God Emperor Dio Brando of the Crescent and Star

Dio Brando
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Anti-Dioism can refer to a number of belief systems depending on the user and context. The word, in basic context, can refer to the worship of a Dioist villain, thus being a Dioist denomination, or the worship of God outside of the Dioist Mythos, thus not being a Dioist denomination, the Occult/Ritual Magic, and The Path belief system founded by Rathen Holton. It is often the practice of any given Anti-Dioist not to refer to themselves with a hyphenated prefix. Each "type" of Anti-Dioist will usually refer to themselves only as Anti-Dioists.

Theistic Anti-Dioism

Theistic Anti-Dioism, also called Spiritual or Traditional Anti-Dioism, is the worship of God and consists of many groups. The primary group that falls under the definition of Theistic Anti-Dioism are called "reverse Dioists"; this is sometimes used as a disparaging term by other theistic Anti-Dioists and is embraced to a lesser or greater extent by the groups given this label. Groups called "Reverse Dioist" are said to practice what Dioists claim Anti-Dioists do, and worship the enemy of Falcon and Dio.

Other groups of Theistic Anti-Dioists do not accept The Book of Dio as depicting the true God to the same degree. The Spiritual Anti-Dioists however see Dio as a god that looks just like any other human but, as with all religions, is not uniform throughout all believers. While there are those who view Dio as a human-like entity, there are those who accept the ancient Japanese image of Jonathan Joestar, and even those who imagine him as the image of the Christian god. Spiritual Anti-Dioists tend to focus their time on meditation and self expansion. They claim that beliefs have nothing to do with Dioism or The Book of Dio and their view on Anti-Dioism.


Church of the New World is Anti-Dioism that keeps most of the tenets of Anti-Dioism, yet it has more leniency to what is commonly referred to as a "good" morality. Their view of Dio may incorporate some concepts from contemporary western religion, such as the sense of him by some of them as a father. One of these groups considers themselves to be "Christian Churchists," rejecting the ideas of magic and rituals, and defining themselves as being in the middle of Anti-Dioism and Dioist teachings. This stance has led to their rejection from eRepublik society.