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Anton Sidequest

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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth January 6, 2008
Date of death 2011 (est)
Residence Dublin
Sex Male
Mayor of Bremen
21st of May 2008 – 20th of June 2008
Succeeded by TemplarPaladin
Congress member of Ireland
26th of January 2009 – 25th of April 2009
Served under Fianna Fáil
Ambassador to Sweden of Ireland
20th of January 2009 – Unknown
Preceded by Top Gun
Party president of Fianna Fáil
16th of March 2009 – 15th of May 2009
Preceded by andredambreville
Succeeded by ICF Party Takeover
Military rank Icon rank Sergeant.png Sergeant
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Anton Sidequest was an elected official of the Dáil Éireann (Irish Congress) representing Fianna Fáil. He is originally from Sweden but has moved to Ireland.

Political Career

Upon his birth in eRepublik, he joined the party Det Nya Sverige, later known as Democrats of New Sweden, a party with deep affiliations with the gaming forum he had been recruited on; GameReactor.

In time he became chosen to represent Det Nya Sverige in the mayor election in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Even though he obtained a moderate number of votes, he still received third place with the representative Highwon of Flashback Sweden expectedly winning the election.

The relations between Anton Sidequest and the Party president TemplarPaladin took a turn for the worse when the former began advocating for a name change. This was due to the fact that there had been a real nationalistic party by the same name in the 1930s with ties to Nazism and Fascism. TemplarPaladin along with a plurality of the party opposed the change and the debate subsequently ended. This, along with conflicting opinions concerning plans to take over two scarcely populated regions, resulted in a schism as Anton Sidequest left Det Nya Sverige in favor of Flashback Sweden.

After a couple of months of normality, he became a candidate in the mayor election in occupied Bremen, winning the election by one vote. He possessed the office for one mandate period, notably instituting the regions first hospital, until losing the position to TemplarPaladin, ironically using the takeover tactic that had been criticized by Anton Sidequest.

Upon his return to eRepublik in early January 2009, he moved to Ireland where he joined Fianna Fáil and quickly became a congressman of the party.
A few days later, he requested becoming the Ambassador to Sweden, referencing his understanding of the language and structure, a proposal that was granted.

In February the same year, he started a campaign promoting himself as the new Party president of Fianna Fáil. However, even though there was an initial success the enterprise proved a failure as election result came to favour blackxs due to a nationwide destructive operation that delivered numerous candidates without any real support into office.

Anton Sidequest was momentarily discouraged, but continued his political career being elected as the only Congressman of Fianna Fáil in the February Congress Election and was later elected as Party president on the 15th of March 2009, during which he ran unopposed.

During the early part of this Party president term, he tried to get the party back on track, with marginal success. There was, for a period of time, increased activity amongst the party members, but even though there were more voters and candidates in five out of six regions in the March Congress Election, only Anton Sidequest was yet again elected as Congressman.

Throughout April Anton Sidequest began to get less involved in eRepublik, claiming that real life commitments consumed too much of his time. Feeling that the improvements of Fianna Fail were coming along, he proclaimed an interest in leaving the office of Party president. However, no-one tried to challenge him in the April 15 Election, which extended his leadership for another month. He gladly tried to organize a considerable influx of Party Members experienced after an article had been published that dealt with the Party's situation and struggles. This influx provided the party with three new Congressmen, four total, in the April election, but Anton Sidequest had chosen not to be a candidate. This was so a minor Party Members could be given the opportunity to get involved in political life and thus improve the competence of the group.

Military Career

Anton Sidequest received the prestigious rank of Befälhavare, roughly equivalent of Commander, in the pre-war-module time, but later stepped down citing other time-consuming preoccupations.

He participated in the First Sweden-Denmark War, facing off against the Danish President Grev Per, but lost the dual. He also fought in the First Sweden-Germany War.

Growing increasingly sceptic of growing imperialism both in Sweden and elsewhere, he moved to Switzerland to participate in the France-Switzerland War aiding the cause of the Swiss against the French he referred to as "imperialists".

In May 2009, Anton fought three battles in the war game between Ireland and the United States along with associated nations. This made him rise to the rank of Icon Corporal.jpg Corporal.