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AoI Family

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General Information
Country Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Abbreviation AoI
Forum [1]
Founded 15 May 2010
President AudiiduA
Vice President angky
Members 176
Congress Occupancy 8 seats, 20%
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Allies of Indonesia Family is one of many political party in Indonesia which oriented to Far-Right Libertarian.

History icon.jpgHistory

'Allies of Indonesia Family' or can be abbreviated AoI is formed by the party that was once the IHA (Indonesia - Hungary Alliance). At starting the party name was Alies of indonisia before finally revised. After stabilized broke down in Hungary , this party was began to be abandoned and neglected. In May 2010, a newbie named AeArc idly stand as chairman of the party, then he pressed the wrong button of Run for President. Since then the reborn of Aoi was started.

Goals icon.jpgGoals

Icon vision.png Vision

Achieving eIndonesia to prosperous, healthy newbie, a strong military, and maintain unity eIndonesia

Mission icon.jpg Mission

- The welfare of the poor and newbie
- Maintaining economic stability
- Helping eBaby newborn to be able to live independently

Activity icon.jpgActivity

MIlitary1.jpg Military Activities

Aoi has a Battle Group named CobrAoi or commonly called COBRA. CobrAoi stands for Commando Barisan AoI. At this time Battle Group of CobrAoi is number 2 in Indonesia.

PoliticalLogo.png Head of Party

Period Party President
May 2010 AeArc
June 2010 Cozm
July 2010 vfgty
August 2010 AeArc
September 2010 dery22
October 2010 ipewannasay
November 2010 mrrasyid
December 2010 ipewannasay
January 2011 oytes
February 2011 Cozm
March 2011 aleeta
April 2011 Mr_NN
May 2011 mastermankz
June 2011 jambr0nk
July 2011 cjr_boyz
August 2011 detective aditya akbar
September 2011 cjr_boyz
October 2011 cloud FF7
November 2011 angky
December 2011 Youliant Zu
January 2012 mrrasyid
February 2012 angky
March 2012 Seven Degrees
April 2012 aleeta
May 2012 aaogi
June 2012 Sandi Guava
July 2012 Palmrest
August 2012 Seven Degrees
September 2012 Suitou A. Tenshi
October 2012 Wancha Revenge
November 2012 Wancha Revenge
December 2012 Pendekar Ayam
January 2013 Pendekar Ayam
February 2013 Origami Cyclone
March 2013 Origami Cyclone
April 2013 aaogi

Org Chart icon.jpg Organization Chart

Period: April 2013

Position Name
Party President aaogi
Vice President angky
Secretary General naelnoalnoel
Councillor cloud FF7
Spokesman andevelez