Aperture Business Magnet

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Aperture Business Magnet

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Nationality Flag-Lithuania.jpg Lithuanian
National rank 1607
Date of birth 3 May 2010
Date of death November 2010
Residence Dainava
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Lieutenant**.png Lieutenant**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Aperture Business Magnet was born on May 3, 2010, or, in eRepublik language, Day 895 of the New World.

Early life

The Aperture Science Business Magnet was a member of Lithuanian Army. He joined the Army because after becoming a citizen, he found out that most of his life was 2-clicking. Shortly after his joining, the fun began: first the Latvia-Estonia War, then Latvian Independence War and finally Latvia and Poland attacking Lithuania at the same time.

As a) Lithuania was conquered by Poland, which does not like giving countries back okay, it didn't happen, but only because Lithuanian army is stronger than the Hell Army and b) Goldeater: eRepublik Part Two started, leading to almost everyone quitting the game, the Business Magnet spent majority of his life wandering around the New World, since they did not allow time travel.


Books.jpg This page contains fictional information. (What's this?)

Shortly before his first death, which happened after Lithuania WAS conquered by Poland, Aperture Science Business Magnet came across a copy of Sburb, located in the Frog Temple in Dainava, Poland (the temple cannot exist in Lithuania). Using it, he entered the Medium, taking place in Land of Life and No Death as the Citizen of Lithuania. After the death, he was tratatatata boring.

eRepublik v3

Against all expectations, he did return to eRepublik.