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После нас Потоп

General Information
Country Flag-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).jpg Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
Region Povardarie
Total Soldiers 3186
Commanded by Kpakep4e
2nd Commander Cyril of Macedon
1st Regiment Captain Ivan Vancho Makedonski
Part of Army of the Republic of Macedonia

ArMakedon is a Macedonian Military Unit with primary goal to protect Macedonia and fight for its interests.



ArMakedon was created by Macedonian Lion and Drashhh_III_Makedonski on 22nd of November 2010. The reason for the creation of the organization ArMakedon was the lack of organization of the national army. Many Ministers of Defense just came and went but no one initiated creating of national organized army. Due to this fact, ArMakedon was created and first members of ArMakedon were "old" Macedonian players.

First recruitment

For about 2 weeks, Armakedon was kept in secrecy. First recruitment were made directly to the people by private messages. Members were elected by their activity and ideas on one hand and age and strength on the other hand. The organization tended to be mixture of "old" and "new" Macedonian players.


Current members of ArMakedon can be seen in the first regiment of the Military Unit of Armakedon


Recruiting new members is done strictly with previous proposal by any current member of ArMakedon and then voted inside the organization, every member has right to veto any new members. Current members are being excluded from ArMakedon for several reason mainly for inactivity.


ArMakedon is also known as organization where most of the people have met in Real Life. Most members of ArMakedon have been or still are in the eMacedonian government. They work hard to get eMacedonia to the top, to make eMacedonia eworld's biggest power. Playing the game with that reason can make you very serious in terms of accepting the game as something very important and you may forgot of the target of the game which is FUN. That why some members of ArMakedon, from time to time, publish articles on behalf on ArMakedon's action in politics and wars with ironic and funny theme.


"Mizar-ArMakedon" <video type="youtube" id="dZ5akpOtVRg" width="100%" height="25px" frame="false" position="center" />

The Logo of ArMakedon is the most known logo of any Macedonian unit. Many people put the logo as theirs avatar even they are not members of ArMakedon. The logo has been changed 2 times.