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AK47.jpg This page is about a paramilitary group or organisation.

Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.


Archangels v3.jpg

Once Angel, forever Angel
We will never fall

General Information
Disbanded Active
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia

Archangels is a Serbian/Chilean paramilitary unit formed by Marko Krsmanovic in December of 2009. Today it has only one active soldier - MIKI 13.


The start

The "Archangels" unit was formed in December 2009 by a Serbian player Marko Krsmanovic. The original unit's name was "Angels", and it was created with a goal of helping the Chile by Marko and his Serbian friends. All began after Marko decided to do this as thanks to a Chilean girl who helps him in the Real Life:

 I was in need of help in RL about something and after asking many people in that branch to help, many told me that they either didn't have time, or something like that, to help... One of the rare persons that answered me and really wanted to help was a girl from Chile, which is now a good friend of mine... Her kindness interested me in Chile and I wanted to help it in this game at least, if people are as half as good as she is. 

The beginnings of the unit weren't too epic, basically, Marko convinced few of his classmates to start playing erepublik, and together with them bearly managed to raise Icon-gold.gif 20 GOLD, and start an iron company in NoB. He and his friends worked for half of the month for a minimal wage, in order to raise some raw materials and money before the action in Chile. Soon the time came for first Chilean recruitment.

First recruitment

The first Angels avatar

In the time of the first angels' recruitment there, Chile wasn't in too good of a position. Shortage of wars, and almost every activity at all, caused by the incapable government led to an even bigger level of inactivity in this relatively weak country. Angels recruitment met a warm welcome from Chilean public, merged with the feeling of insecurity about Archangels intentions. Response to Archangels article was relatively low, and most of the Chilean players were undisciplined and unfamiliar with the concept of military unit, because at that time Chile didn't own a regular army. To make things worse, half of Marko's friends decided that erepublik isn't that interesting anymore, and quit the game. But with time and a lot of effort, things started to get in their place... A q1 weapon company was founded in Chile, in order to keep Chileans in their motherland. The weaponry was supplied by units iron company, and the whole unit was supplied by its guns. First actions were yet to come.

First Serbian recruitment

Worried about staying the only Serbian in this Serbian/Chilean unit, because almost all of his Serbian troopers were leaving the unit, Marko decided to make the first recruitment in his home country... It went unexpectedly well... Many experienced players stronger than him joined the unit, and soon the official unit channel ( on mibbit) was created. Serbian members assembled on the channel every day, and angels started to seem like a serious unit. A q3 weapon company was created in Serbia, from the joined funds of angels, which was in that time quite big of a deal... Soon, the first notable actions would come.

Rising to power

Situation in Chile

Carried by the good turn of events in Serbia, Marko came back to Chile with a new hope. By this time he met many Chileans that will in the future become his close friends in this game. One of them was Rachsuchtig who will with time become the leader of the Chilean division of angels. Together, two of them decided to try helping the dead community of Chile, by doing the job that the Ministry of Education or the President should do.

Marko and Rach started creating tutorials for new players, making quality articles and starting real actions. The name of Angels unit became respected and Chileans realized with time that our intentions were honest. This, and the rise of power by Serbian division, brought many Chilean players in the unit. Although only about 35% stayed for longer than a week, angels got its first tank, ZePeLLiN. At that time, no 1. ranked player of chile, gave a big boost to both units power, and confidence. At the same time, Archangels got their first Serbian tank, 78186, and started to look more and more like a well organized and powerful unit.

First actions

With a lot of effort put into the unit by its officers, power boost by its new super tanks, and few more successful recruitments, brought angels to the Serbian military scene... Soon came first bigger organized attack, the first attack when Archangels got paid to do the damage... Icon-gold.gif 20 GOLD was donated from the Serbian Denmark TO team in order to help in RW's raised at late night hours. Archangels got 11 members that managed to assemble at 2 am (Serbian time; 6 am Chilean time), to do the damage. Archangels started to make detailed battle reports after every action, and start making video clips. Soon, Archangels started to do serious damage, and after another action for Denmark team in which 78186 got BH medal, and the unit did 40% of total Serbian dmg, angels became a respected medium strong unit. Unit prospered in every way.

Archangels era

New Archangels avatar

The birth of Archangels

At the almost same time when angels unit was created. At that time, significantly stronger unit, guardian angels, had the same main motive on its avatar. At first, accusations flew from both sides, but after long talks and argumentative explanations from each command, the conclusion that the similarity between name and avatar was purely coincidental, and both decided to keep current marks. Anyway, often conflicts in the press and Serbian community that seemed unable to understand that there are 2 angels units, created a strong rivalry between the following sides. On the suggestion of one of its main officers, later assistant commander who helped unit a lot both with his time and finances, Vlada S, unit changed its name to archangels to avoid further conflicts... Time will show that rivalry will last for months, until the national interest brought the two units together, fighting for the same cause... Anyway, the unit got a shiny new avatar, that could be seen on many battlefields since. Archangels were born.

The changes in unit command

Black Sheep

A unit with a big members base proved to be a tough thing to be led by one man, and as Marko Krsmanovic had less and less time cause of RL commitments, he tried to make a strong command centre out of his best and most active soldiers. For a while, this system worked, Gianfranco Zola, GrifinNS and Vlada S were main officers who did a wonderful job. But soon, private reasons left the unit leader almost with no time to do his part of the job... To solve this problem he got to an agreement with Lukaz - leader of another Serbian paramilitary unit, "Black Sheep".

Two units that were almost the same by power, merged in one, under the shared command of Lukaz and Marko Krsmanovic. Later, another unit, "Spartan Legion", under the leadership of Genyo, merged with Archangels too... By this time, Archangels grew to be an admirable strong unit, at the top of the list of strongest Serbian units. With time, Marko, driven by his lack of time and inability to fulfil his obligations as he would want to, decided to demote himself to a high officer, and Lukaz, who proved himself as extremely active and good commander, took charge of the unit. As his last task for the unit, Marko who saw a huge disbalance in power between Serbian and Chilean part of the unit decided to fix the problem. Together with ex Chilean president, and at that time MoD of chile - darkneo, Chilean elite unit made of its top citizens, "Husares De La Muerte", merged with archangels. At this time, Archangels were surely in the top 3 strongest Serbian units, and one of the strongest units in the world.

The downfall of Archangels

With these changes, the unit was an elite fighting force... New Chilean super tanks like El Nihilista and Rangoso, together with Serbian Lukaz, 78186, eBre and others, could do more damage without tanking than many Serbian units. Altogether unit had around 60 members, of which 55 had the highest v1 military rank, Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal. Average strength in the unit was 25+, which was considered an admirable level at that point. Archangels fought all over the world and became recognized in Phoenix countries as one of Serbian strongest elite unit. But with the end of v1, came the dark days for archangels. Majority of members stopped playing, with time meetings became a rare thing, command honestly became disappointed on admins ruining the game, and decided not to waste any more effort... Members that continued to play kept their avatars, even though the unit practically did not exist. Chilean part of the unit went back to their homeland as civilians... Many of the Serbs joined other units...

The rise of Archangels

New Archangels

Finally, after switching rising to the newest version, one of the archangels early game officers, decided to take the things into his own hands. He connected the old crew back together, and a large majority of ex-archangels rejoined the unit. Big help to Gianfranco Zola was made by another old member, SalinasXL, who helped a lot in reorganizing the unit. Soon, ex-commander Lukaz came to help too, as soon as he finished his mandate as a Serbian MoD. Zligor_st, at that time the strongest Serbian by rank points rejoined his old unit as well. The founder Marko and 78186 rejoined after their time in Chilean and Montenegran Congress were over. Gavrilo Drljaca rejoined as well. The crew got together once more, and it was crucial on reclaiming its old position once more. Soon in the unit, a new motto was born. "once angel, forever angel"

End of the unit

In May 2015 it was detected that the unit was dead, having only one soldier in it.

Military Actions overview

  • Soldiers: 13
  • Total damage: 12560
  • Archangels Hero: ZePeLLiN
  • Soldiers: 24
  • Total damage: 56515
  • Archangels & Battle Hero: 78186
  • Soldiers: 28
  • Total damage: 30600
  • Archangels Hero: ZePeLLiN

Organization overview

  • Archangels Iron
  • Archangels Weapons - Chile
  • Archangels Weapons - Serbia
  • Archangels Tickets