Armed Forces of Argentina

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Argentine Armed Forces


United We Stand

General Information
Formation 1 August 2008
Country Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentina
Colors Yellow, White, Sky-blue
Total Soldiers ≈320

The Argentine Armed Forces, (in Spanish Fuerzas Armadas Argentinas), are controlled by the Commander-in-Chief (the President), the Minister of Defense (one of the Generals of the Fuerzas Armadas Argentinas) and with the assistance of the joint staff of Generals of the Fuerzas Armadas Argentinas.


The army is organized as follows:

  • Academy
  • Argentine National Army
    • Rotorian Guard
    • Regular Army
      • Puma
      • Jaguar
      • Yacaré
      • Cobra
      • Halcón
      • Cóndor
    • Mobile Group
      • Leviatán
      • Fénix


The Academy is responsible for preparing the newly enlisted soldiers to serve properly, for which they are asigned with a group of trainers who internally have the rank of Sergeants.

Argentine National Army

Graduates of the Academy are promoted to the ANN (Argentine National Army). Once there, they have to choose to be in one of its 3 bodies:

Rotorian Guard

Low availability. Regiments of 20 soldiers listed as maxhit or maximum damage.

Regular Army

Average availability. This body has 6 divisions with a constant number of soldiers.

Mobile Group

High availability. Only two divisions for this body and extra requierements.


The Argentine military was born in August 2008 during Gush administration. It was later developed by the several ministers in charge.


Logos of each body:

Name Branch Availability Logo
Rotorian Guard - Low Guardiarotoriana.png
Regular Army Puma Average Puman.png
Regular Army Jaguar Average Jaguar.png
Regular Army Yacaré Average Yacare.png
Regular Army Cobra Average Cobrae.png
Regular Army Halcón Average Halcon.png
Regular Army Cóndor Average Condor.png
Mobile Group Leviatán High Levf.png
Mobile Group Fénix High Fenix2.png


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