Army Air Corps

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Army Air Corps

Army Air Corps.png

General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Region London
Colors Light & Dark Blue
Total Soldiers Classified
Part of British Army

The Army Air Corps (AAC) was the British Army's airforce helicopter branch.

Chopters Apache.jpg

General Officer Commanding, Royal Artillery
From To GOC RA
21st April 2010 Staff-General.png General Jennifer Macleod
Staff-General.png General Hazz
Staff-General.png General Artela
Staff-General.png General Octavian Ratstrangler

AAC Regiments

1st Regiment [3rd Regiment 4th Regiment 9th Regiment
Lt. Col.
Woolfie Smith
Lt. Col.
Lt. Col.
Lt. Col.
Julian Catman
  • 1st Regiment

At some point, it's Lieutenant Colonel was DeathJester.

  • 3rd Regiment

At some point, it's Commanding Officer was Lieutenant Colonel xavierson.

  • 9th Regiment

Its last Lieutenant Colonel was QWERTY95.


The 9th Regiment was formed as part of the new army of the United Kingdom. Its first Lt. Colonel was biain, who served for three days, but had to resign due to in real life issues. On day 888 QWERTY95 took over his post.

The regiment quickly became one of the most active regiments in the British Army.

On day 906, 14th May 2010, the regiments logo, motto and nickname was decided through a competition funded by the Lt. Colonel. Boris K earned two Q3 guns and Octavian Ratstrangler won one Q3 gun.

On day 917 Octavian Ratstrangler was assigned as the regiment's first Major.


From Lieutenant Colonel.pngLieutenant Colonel Army-Major.png Major
Day 885 biain
Day 888 QWERTY95
Day 917 QWERTY95 Octavian Ratstrangler

BATTLE HONOURS (eRepublik v1)

The following battle honours were received by Regiments in the Army Air Corps under v1:

3rd Regiment

  • Liaoning 917
  • Jerusalem district 929
  • Beersheba South district 930
  • Dublin 949
  • Southeast of Ireland 952
  • Northern Ireland 957

4th Regiment

  • Liaoning 917
  • Liaoning 940
  • Northern Ireland 957