Army Training Corps

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General Officer Commanding, Army Training Corps
26th July 2010 3th September 2010 Staff-General.png General John F Baker
3th September 2010 17th Staff-General.png General Gav Miller
18th September 2010 Staff-General.png General Petros13
Staff-General.png General Betafoxtrot

Army Training Corps


General Information
Formation 26th July 2010
Country Flag-UK.jpg UK
Region London
Colors Red, Black and Gold
Type Training Unit
Total Soldiers Classified
Part of British Army

The Army Training Corps was the British Army's training unit, designed to educate low level citizens in the workings of the British Armed Forces, and keep citizens of low economy skill as reserve troops, working privately until they reach Level 6 skill in any of the Moving Ticket or Weapon work skills.

Organization of the ATC

There were 5 Boot Camp regiments, designed to educate the soldiers of tomorrow on eRepublik Rising combat skills and the structure of the British Army. Each was led by a Captain and a Colour Sergeant.

Previous Regiments

Previously, each warskill, Rifle, Artillery, Tank or Air Unit, had a regiment for its training, led and educated by a Lieutenant Colonel.

Infantry training regiment.

Artillery training regiment.

Tank training regiment.

Helicopter training regiment.Template:ERepublik:WikiProject United Kingdom/Military/Army Regiments Template:ERepublik:WikiProject United Kingdom/Military/Branches