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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Atlas Corp
Logo of Atlas Corp
Owner Graytuna
Country Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Headquarters Svealand
Subsidiaries Atlas University,
Atlas Industries Corp
Atlas News
Founded January 2009
Founder Graytuna
Industries Education, Business & Investments

Atlas Corp was an organisation, founded in January 2009 by Graytuna.

The vision of Atlas Corp is to become eRepublik's best organisation with projects and business within many areas of the game. Atlas Corp and it's subsidaries all had in common that they strive for the same goals and visions and with hard work - it's possible to make those visions come true.


Atlas Corp wanted to see development, progress and new ideas every day in Sweden and in the rest of the new world. The organisations belief was that todays ideas are tomorrows future; Goals can be reached, targets achieved and we can all live our dreams in the new world - together, no matter which country we are from. Atlas wanted to help players to reach their goals and make eRepublik better and more fun and to do that - we have to work together globally.


Atlas Industries Corp

Atlas Industries Corp was Atlas link to the world of companies, the world market and to the working life. This subsidiaries goal was to own good high quality companies, generate great products for Sweden and the rest of the world.

Atlas News

Atlas News was the News-Central with the vision to deliver daily eRepublik news from Sweden and the rest of the new world.

Atlas University

Atlas University was working to educate and offered courses to new players.


Atlas Corp was owned by the founder Graytuna. Directly under the CIO Graytuna is the board - a place were the 8-10 most important people in Atlas Corp were sitting and discussing the future of the organisation.