Australian Defence Force

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Australian Defence Force

Australian Defence Force.jpg

General Information
Formation October 18, 2008
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Region New South Wales
Type Defensive Branch of the Australian Army
Total Soldiers 25
Commanded by MTU4000
1st Regiment Captain Dr.GreenBags

The Australian Defence Force is the Fighting force of the Icon-Australia.png Australian Government. They protect Australia and her borders as well as aiding her Allies.


The Australian Defence Force is the official army of Australia. The unit is commanded by the Marshal, who deals with the budget, orders, and priorities; as per the instructions Department of Defence.

After Military Reform in Australia, supplies in the ADF are only given to Australian citizens in Divisions Icon division 1 blue.png & Icon division 2 blue.png.


The first known ADF Marshal was Claire Louise. As Marshal, Claire Louise was directly accountable to the Department of Defence, and the Prime Minister Mick Gatto.


The rank structure of the Australian Defence Force is loosely similar to that of most modern fighting forces.

Rank Structure

Command Level Command Title Role
1 Marshal Leader of Defence Force
2 General Leader of Regiment
3 Colonel Battalion Leader
4 Captain Executive Battalion Commander
5 Lieutenant Squad leader
6 Sergeant Experienced soldier, assistant squad leader
7 Corporal Squad Experienced Soldier
8 Private Soldier