Aus Democratic Socialist Party

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Aus Democratic Socialist Party

Party-Aus Democratic Socialist Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Abbreviation ADSP
Forum [1]
Founded 9 December 2008
Dissolved Jan 16 2009
President Bearclaw
Members 0
Congress Occupancy n/a
Succeeds Australian Labour Party
Succeeded By Australian Liberal Party
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Aus Democratic Socialist Party (also known as the Australian Democratic Socialist Party), is a Political Party of Australia. During the months of December 2009, to February 2010, it briefly experimented with alternative names, amongst them Peoples Democracy, and the Australian Democratic Party, but utlimately decided to return to its original name.

Core Values

The Party's core values are posted on the forums:

  • They believed that every citizen of eAustralia has the right to state benefits to maintain wellness at a decent level to maximize productivity.
  • They believed that all General Managers have a right to earn a profit; however, they also have a responsibility to offer fair prices.
  • The believed that all citizens have a right to a job with a fair wage, one which allows them to buy food of high enough quality to maintain wellness.
  • They believed that citizens have a right to play the game regardless of their real-life nationality, previous eNationality or beliefs.
  • They furthered the cause of democratic socialism as the ideal model for government.
  • They believed that active and knowledgeable eCitizens contribute to the economy of eAustralia and make eRepublik much more enjoyable for all eCitizens, and strived to further eAustralia and its citizens through promoting activity and education to all eAustralians.
  • They encouraged all members to participate in the development of our platforms, articles, press releases and public relations through friendly debate, and recognise that we cannot be a party of the people if we do not actively interact and work with eAustralians from all corners of the nation.
  • They believed that every person has a right to have their voice heard and we will examine all ideas in an unbiased, objective manner.
  • They believed that a stable economy is vital for the future of the nation and we will endeavour to expand it through the use of reasonable taxation, boycotts, recommended pricing and other economic measures that lead to maximum growth.
  • They encouraged all eAustralians to be involved in the development of their society and we will help anyone with interest or potential to advance our cause.


Party-Aus Democratic Socialist Party.jpg

The Beginnings

The Australian Democratic Socialist Party (ADSP) was formed after many on the eRepublik Australian Forums took part in the Political Compass Test which helped people find what political orientation and ideology they were.

After several members had completed the test and reported their results Cottus Arci joined those of like political mind together in a separate forum and we commenced discussions on the idea of forming our own party.

After much discussion, ideas and decisions, the Australian Democratic Socialist Party (ADSP) was officially formed on the 9th December 2008.

The Merger

The ADSP found that another Party, the Australian Labour Party had been formed not long before us, however the 2 Party's Ideals were very similar. With this in mind, discussions commenced regarding the 2 Parties merging and it was finally agreed that the merger would occur and took place officially on the 15th December 2008 at the Official Party President Elections when Cottus Arci became the Party's First Official President.

A New Direction

In December of 2009, the ADSP members voted to refresh its image, and change it to People's Democracy.

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Members of Congress

In the first congress elections for Australia the ADSP fielded 7 candidates, all being successful in their nominations. In the next one, the ADSP fielded 12 and all but one missed out. The last few months of ADSP senators can be found here:

Country Presidents

The Australian Democratic Socialist Party had a number of Country Presidents being elected from within its ranks.

On the 5th of January 2009, Party President Cottus Arci became the first competitively elected president since the Indonesian takeover. He beat ANP President Calibur in a landslide. He was also supported by the Advance Australia Alliance.

On the 5th of February 2009, Cottus Arci was re-elected as Country President, again beating ANP Candidate Calibur.

On the 5th of March 2009, Derek Apollyon was elected to lead the country as Country President, again against ANP Candidate Calibur. Derek Apollyon was supported by the Australian Communist Party, and Calibur had the support of both the Australian Independents Party and the True Blue Party.

On the 5th of April 2009, Patti11 was elected as the Country President of Australia, beating True Blue Party candidate Corny-ratbag, who had the support of the Australian National Party. Patti11 had the support of the Australian Communist Party.

On the 5th of May 2009, Patti11 was re-elected to lead the country as President of Australia, again beating Ben P of the True Blue Party.

On the 5th of June 2009, Tim09 was chosen to represent Australia as Country President of Australia. He beat two condenders, Xavier Griffith of the Australian Independents Party, and Lord Tobio, of the Australian Monarchy Party. Xavier had the support of the Australian National Party, True Blue Party, and the PEACE Citizens Front, whilst Tim09 was also supported by the Australian Communist Party/

On the 5th of July 2009, Aussie Vegeta was elected to represent Australia as Country President, ahead of rivals Xavier Griffith, of the Australian Independents Party and Super Chicken, of the Australian Monarchy Party. Aussie Vegeta had the support of the True Blue Party, and Xavier Griffith was supported by the Australian National Party.

On the 5th of August 2009, Ranger Bob was elected ahead of StewartB, of the eLabor Party in a landslide victory. Ranger Bob was supported by the Australian National Party, More Beer Party, Australian Communist Party, and the Australian Commonwealth Party.

Party Presidents