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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

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Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.


BRAMERCS - Flag.jpg

Dum Spiramus Tuebimur

General Information
Disbanded November 2011 (est)
Country Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil
Region Parana and Santa Catarina
Colors Green, blue and yellow
Type Mercenary Organization

The BRAMERCS (Brazilian Mercenaries) were a mercenary group formed by Reshev Villanova when the Icon-Brazil.png Brazilian Government refused to send military aid to Icon-USA.png USA for the USA-Canada War. However, due to logistical delays and the cease-fire given by the North American president, Nave Saikiliah, no bullet has been shot at Honolulu.


The Mission of the BRAMERCS was to defend the freedom of oppressed countries. Usually the members of the organization act only as defenders, until invader enemies retreats, but attacks were also made, as occurred in the Romania-Hungary war.


The BRAMERCS were commanded by Reshev Villanova, who was responsible as well for the contract negotiations. The other commanders were Tyrant and TexMurphy, leaders of their own divisions inside the group. The names of other members of the organization were and still are kept confidential.


The BRAMERCS has participated in the following wars:

  1. USA-Canada War: On the USA side, but no shot was fired.
  2. Germany-Poland War: On the Polish side. Reshev Villanova has been sent to Poland to command a secret training operation of the Brazilian Army while defending Poland from German attacks. The mercenaries fought for free, infiltrated in the Brazilian Army.
  3. World War I: On the Hungarian side. The first mission where BRAMERCS' commander fought in the front lines, receiving his first medal.

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