Balkan Alliance

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Balkan Alliance
Flag of Balkan Alliance
Map of Balkan Alliance
Type Economic and military

Balkan Alliance (or Balkanika) was tried to be formed long time ago. People who tried that were disappointed because they couldn't make this "dream" real. Now is in process of formation, because some eRepublics don't want to join Balkan Alliance and if they don't want, Balkan Alliance will start with poor and occupied eRepublics.


Going to be formed.


To join Balkan Alliance (for Serbia, Albania, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Greece)

Everybody knows that in RL these countries have problems... But why here in eRepublik.

This is the problem of Serbia and Albania:


If they want to join Balkan Alliance they must talk about this problem and solve it.

And this is the problem of Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Greece:

Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

Greeks and it's allies call Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) , well if they want to join Balkan Alliance they must do the same like Serbia and Albania: TALK!