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Be Free

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General Information
Country Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgium
Abbreviation BF
Founded February 15, 2014
Dissolved November 18, 2014
Congress Occupancy 0 /30 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Res Belgica
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Be free was a small political party in Belgium which was trying to close the gap between two political sides dividing the country.

The main objectives were:

  1. Support and help for young members;
  2. Maintain loyalty to the country and fight always for Belgium and its allies.
  3. Have fun


Everything started on Day 2278[1] (Feb.2014). The reason is a so called danger of PTO. While a lot of strong and committed players had left the country, those who stayed were suffering under the wipe; no possibility to hire people, no Congress to change laws and almost no tax money. As current government was holding their point of view about the wipe, the opposition started to get angry.

Belgium tradition was always: "the good and the bad" or the "Elite and the PTO", boer jan created Be Free party, hoping that he can find a way in between the both sides and force the end of the wipe situation. Symbolically, he presented himself as the candidate for the CP elections[2] knowing that he had no chance to win, he thought that this was a good way to show that someone who was part of the "Elite" can accept the point of view of the others.

The shake-up worked and although it was an other Elite member who won, the opposition got a chance to join the government, and some time later the wipe gets undone and Belgium is free. From then on, Be Free stayed in the background, just keeping an eye on what the politics does and says, from time to time reacting on what seemed to be anti-Belgium actions. Examples of it were getting Shadowucks back on the forum after a long ban (without success), and restoring the forum citizen rights of those who were accused of PTO (partly succeeded).

Around day 2400 the new Vice president cap. drake was thinking it is time to put everything in the second gear, and he tried to recruit new members to give the party some more power and maybe some congress members. This is an example used to convince young players to join.

On day 2555 new PP nogex1 comes to the rescue of Res Belgica who was taken over and renamed to Hope in a way that he changed the name from Be Free into Res Belgica, because in this way, one of the oldest Belgian parties stays alive. This was the end of the party.

Party presidents

  • boer jan (February 2014 - November 2014)