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BeachBunny is a Citizen of the eUSA. BeachBunny was born on July 16th 2012. She is part of the American Military Party and in Seal Team 6 Military Unit.

Military Career

BeachBunny joined the Military Unit of C4 ( Cannon Cockers ). She quickly moved up the ranks and became Captain of the 1st Regiment within her 1st month. Before she could move up any further. Seal Team 6, one of the eUSA's elite Military Units. BeachBunny then Joined the prestigious Seal Team 6 and has been there since. She has many big battles under her belt as well as many battles where she was the main contributor in her division.


BeachBunny started her Political Career very quickly. She joined Congress just 1 month into playing within the American Military Party. She is still in Congress and has server 4 consecutive terms and plans to serve many more. She was also just elected as Speaker of the House for the 60th Congress. She is very involved with the American Military Party. She is a member of the High Round Table which makes all the decisions for the party. BeachBunny is the Director of Recruitment.

BeachBunny also has many High Government Positions. She is in charge of OMS for the DoD as well as being Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security. She is also a 5 month Ambassador to eIndia.

{{{120}}}x Battle Hero.


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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 2622
Date of birth July 16th, 2012
Residence Brazil
Sex Female
Political party American Military Party
Faith Christian
Married to AlleyRat
Newspaper From the Underworld
Congress Woman of Kansas
August 2012 – Ongoing
Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security of White House
November 2012 – Ongoing
Speaker of the House of White House
December 2012 – Ongoing
Military unit Seal Team 6
Regiment Dragons
Position Soldier
Rank Icon rank Private.png World Class Force **