Belgian Franc

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The Belgian Franc
Belgische Frank (Dutch)
Franc Belge (French)
Belgischer Franken (German)
Belgian Franc.jpg
Currency Information
Currency Code: BEF
Currency Symbol: fr.
User(s): BelgiumBelgium

The Belgian Franc is the official currency in Belgium.

In 2009, it was exchanged by the Government for NLG, the new currency of the United Netherlands and the former currency of the Netherlands.

The exchange rate was 1 NLG = 1.6 BEF and was based on the BEF/GOLD and NLG/GOLD exchange rate (1 BEF = 0.026 GOLD and 1 NLG = 0.016 GOLD).

With Belgian independence, the Belgian Franc was back.

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