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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Bellatrix Oy
Logo of Bellatrix Oy
Owner Yan Hoek
Country Flag-Norway.jpg Norway
Subsidiaries eNamibia Exporters
Industries Construction, Manufacturing & Raw materials
Products food, grain & house

Bellatrix Oy was founded by Yan Hoek to manage his companies and leaving him free to work. Bellatrix is the 3rd brightest star in the constellation of Orion, also known as Gamma Orionis. It was set up while he was still resident in Finland, (hence the 'Oy' suffix - it is Finnish for Ltd).

Its logo shows three stars Bellatrix (blue), Algol B (orange) and our own Sun (yellow).

Bellatrix Oy never created its own companies, preferring instead to find bargains on the company markets. The result of this was a portfolio that was worldwide.

The organisation had no home region, and was constantly on the move to find the best prices for raw materials. It had been resident in, at one time or another, over half of all the nations of the New World.

On day 1147 Yan moved all remaining companies owned by Bellatrix Oy to his direct control. This effectively ended Bellatrix Oy's usefulness as a holding company. After that move, the organization served its purpose by buying foreign produced manufactured goods for Yan's personal use.

The guiding ethos of the organisation was to foster good relations with its employees and help them develop - even if that came at a cost of profits.

Brief history of companies owned

Arcturus Grain

Arcturus Grain was the first company managed by Bellatrix Oy. Situated in Eastern Finland, Finland it was unsuccessful due to high wage costs and competition. Eastern Finland was a medium region so was unable to compete against foreign companies producing at lower costs. Fellow Finnish grain companies were also suffering from the same problems and a cartel was formed, chiefly to stop wages spiralling out of control and set a fair price that would not be constantly undercut. Due to lack of funds, Yan was unable to upgrade the company to help improve its prospects. It would eventually be sold - at a loss.

Baltic Homes

Baltic homes.jpg

Using the funds from the sale of Arcturus Grain, Yan bought the second and one of the most profitable of his companies: Baltic Homes, on day 633. It was situated in Pohja-Eesti, Estonia. To find raw materials to fuel house construction Bellatrix Oy began the constant movement around the globe that has characterised much of its later history. Yan decided early on that Baltic Homes would remain a Q1 company, eschewing long-term profit for continual sales. In this respect he sought to expand the geographical scope of the company buying licenses for Norway, Lithuania and finally Latvia hoping to harness the booming populations of the Baltic States.

Baltic Homes had to be shut down construction several times in its history, usually due to overproduction and lack of sales, and currently due to high wage and Wood costs driven by a change in the rule governing Hospitals and the subsequent boom in house ownership that led many more Estonian companies to enter the housing market.

Algehenny Forest Co

Algehenny forest.jpg

Situated in Pennsylvania, USA Yan bought this company on behalf of his friend Worf201 during the occupation of the USA's Eastern Seaboard by Portugal. Together they hoped the subsequent retaking of Pennsylvania by the USA would raise the price. No employees were ever hired and the company remained dormant until being sold for a small profit.

Aurora Airlines

Aurora airlines.jpg

From the growing profits of Baltic Homes Yan bought this moving ticket company in Saarland, Germany. It operated for a few weeks during the Autumn of 2009 before being sold to help shore up the growing losses associated with Baltic Homes. One of Yan's regrets is that he did not keep hold of this small but profitable company.

Polaris Rifles

Similarly to Aurora Airlines, Polaris Rifles in Smaland, Sweden was bought and sold due to the changing fortunes of Baltic Homes.

Aurora Gifts/Aurora Airforce Industries

Aurora gifts.jpg

The first Q2 company Yan has owned, Aurora Gifts in Vestlandet, Norway, was bought with the proceeds of Baltic Homes' sales during its second shutdown. Its early period was shaky due to the marginal value of gifts but when the Hospital rules changed so did the company's fortunes. During V1 it was most successful gift company in Norway.

Aurora Airforce Industries.jpg

After the launch of V2 Aurora switched to building helicopters but due to the shaky economy and sheer amount of titanium required it never really became fully operational. On 9th August 2010, Yan took the decision to disband the company to use funds elsewhere.

Aurora Gems (later Aurora Titanium)

Bought cheaply, Aurora Gems in Veneto, Italy was bought in the hope that diamonds would be converted into a new raw material with the onset of V2 and so negate the fact that Veneto is not a high or medium region for diamonds. When it was announced however that diamonds would change to Titanium and keep their existing high/medium region spread, the company was effectively worthless and was sold at the earliest opportunity at a knock-down price.

Aurora Grain

Using funds from Baltic Homes' booming sales and the proceeds of Aurora Gems, Yan bought this grain company in Lower Austria, Austria. Yan had been searching for a decent raw material company for some time and has high hopes for its future. He has invested extensively in the company, raising it to Q2, and purchasing licenses for Austria (the company was created during the Croatian occupation), Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and Italy as the region shifts between occupying forces. Later, as all raw material companies were downgraded to Q1, Yan used the regained money to buy a license for Sweden.

Aurora Food

Aurora food.jpg

When Norway was reduced to a single region (Svalbard & Jan Mayen) following the events of August it posed a problem: Svalbard had no active companies. This meant that those Norwegians moving to the region would not be able to get a job and all products now on sale were subject to import tax. In response, several companies were created by members of the government, including this one. Yan received a 40 Gold donation from Glost to help start the company and used his own funds to raise it to Q2 on its first day. He considers the company to be majority owned by the government but has raised his stake in the company by adding funds to buy licenses for Estonia, Finland, Japan and Belarus.

eNamibia Exporters

ENamibia Exporters.jpg

On day 909 Yan set up a subsidiary of Bellatrix Oy, eNamibia Exporters. Designed to be permanently stationed in the Southern Hemisphere, it acted as a diamond purchaser for Aurora Gifts and a grain purchaser for Aurora Food.

Aurora Australis Grain

Aurora australis grain.jpg

Following the changes to food and health rules grain, previously a slightly marginalised resource, suddenly became a dynamic and more importantly very profitable industry. Using funds from Aurora Grain Yan bought a grain company in the newly established country of New Zealand. It was named Aurora Australis Grain to complement its sister company in the Northern hemisphere. However, as the New Zealand economy and job markets were in flux at the time no workers were ever hired. It would be sold for a small profit.

Corona Grain

Corona grain.jpg

Using the proceeds of Aurora Australis Grain's sale, Yan bought Corona Grain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He added a Bosnian license to the existing Bulgarian one and a Serbian license when Bosnia was conquered soon after.

After the changes to the raw materials and production bonuses, Yan decided to sell the company to concentrate his funds elsewhere. Selling Corona Grain effectively shut down eNamibia Exporters.

Compete overview


In V1 the organisation owned, in chronological order:

Company Name ID Region Quality Licenses Notes
Arcturus Grain 179477 Southern Finland 1 Icon-Finland.png Briefly formed a cartel with other Finnish grain companies to try and control the price and spiraling wage costs.
Baltic Homes 197156 Pohja-Eesti 1 Icon-Estonia.png Icon-Lithuania.png Icon-Latvia.png Icon-Norway.png Before the great housing crash of '09 was the second most successful business in Estonia.
Algehenny Forest Co 190777 Pennsylvania 1 Icon-USA.png Held on behalf of Worf201.
Aurora Airlines N/A Saarland 1 Icon-Germany.png First appearance of the 'Aurora' brand name.
Polaris Rifles N/A Smaland 1 Icon-Sweden.png
Aurora Gifts 39721 Vestlandet 2 Icon-Norway.png Was the most successful gift co. in Norway.
Aurora Gems 180589 Veneto 1 Icon-Italy.png Icon-Slovenia.png Rebranded Aurora Titanium.
Aurora Grain 228943 Lower Austria 2 Icon-Austria.png Icon-Slovakia.png Icon-Hungary.png Icon-Slovenia.png Icon-Croatia.png


In V2 the organisation owned, in chronological order:

Company Name Company Logo ID Region Quality Licenses Notes
Baltic Homes Baltic homes.jpg 197156 Pohja-Eesti 1 Icon-Estonia.png Icon-Lithuania.png Icon-Latvia.png Icon-Norway.png Before the great housing crash of '09 was the second most successful business in Estonia.
Aurora Airforce Industries Aurora Airforce Industries.jpg 39721 Vestlandet 2 Icon-Norway.png Icon-UK.png Liquidated in Aug '10 after the UK takeover of Vestlandet.
Aurora Grain Aurora grain.jpg 228943 Lower Austria n/a Icon-Austria.png Icon-Slovakia.png Icon-Hungary.png Icon-Slovenia.png Icon-Croatia.png Icon-Sweden.png Icon-Italy.png
Aurora Food Aurora food.jpg 243090 Svalbard & Jan Mayen 2 Icon-Norway.png Icon-Finland.png Icon-Estonia.png Icon-Japan.png Icon-Belarus.png
Aurora Australis Grain Aurora australis grain.jpg N/A Auckland n/a Icon-New Zealand.png Operated by eNamibia Exporters
Corona Grain Corona grain.jpg 244271 Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina n/a Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Icon-Bulgaria.png Icon-Serbia.png Operated by eNamibia Exporters

After Reorganisation of the Economy

Following the movement of business from Bellatrix Oy to Yan, and the general reorganisation of raw materials and licenses, he owned:

Company Name Company Logo ID Country Quality Notes
Aurora Rifles Aurora rifles.jpg 197156 Norway 2 Originally Baltic Homes. Moved from Estonia to Norway on day 1147. Converted to Weapons production on day 1,269.
Aurora Aluminium Aurora stone.jpg 228943 Norway n/a Originally Aurora Grain. Moved from Slovakia to Norway on day 1147. Switched from grain to oil production on day 1148. Renamed 'Aurora Oil'. Converted to Aluminium production on day 1,269.
Corona Aluminium Default Company.gif 178893 Norway n/a Previously a stone company located in Ukraine. Moved on day 1148. Converted to Aluminium production on day 1,269.
Aurora Food Aurora food.jpg 243090 Norway 3
Corona Food Default Company.gif 488731 Norway 1
Aurora Fisheries Aurora fisheries.jpg 294491 Norway n/a
Corona Fisheries Default Company.gif 400417 Norway n/a Previously known as Aurora Fruits.
Equinox Fisheries Default Company.gif 1479798 Norway n/a
Aurora Grain Aurora grain.jpg 488378 Norway n/a
Corona Grain Default Company.gif 488559 Norway n/a
Equinox Grain Default Company.gif 510052 Norway n/a

Yan owned licenses for the following countries:

Icon-Norway.png Icon-Belarus.png Icon-Belgium.png Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Icon-Estonia.png Icon-Finland.png Icon-Latvia.png Icon-Lithuania.png Icon-Montenegro.png Icon-South Korea.png Icon-Switzerland.png Icon-Uruguay.png