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This page has been saved as memories from the Beta version.
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{{One:Product_(Template)/English | name= Moving Tickets | image= Wellness-icon-travel.gif | q1_production_cost= | q1_bonus= -2% Wellness on travel | q2_production_cost= | q2_bonus= -1% Wellness on travel | q3_production_cost= | q3_bonus= No effect | q4_production_cost= | q4_bonus= +1% Wellness on travel | q5_production_cost= | q5_bonus= +2% Wellness on travel }}

Moving tickets are necessary every time a player wants to move to another region or country.

The quality of the moving ticket will affect the buyer's wellness.

The higher the quality, the less wellness a player will lose; the two best ticket types (namely Q4 and Q5) will actually help a player gain wellness.

Take note that they'll affect the buyer's wellness if he uses it.

You can not move when:

  • You have a job
  • You are in a political party
  • You are a congressman
  • You are a president
  • You are a company onwer

Make sure you pay house taxes before you move otherwise you will lose your house.

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