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This page has been saved as memories from the Beta version.
The information here is not the current latest information! Do not use this page to gain information!

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Citizens of eRepublik constantly come up with new and interesting ideas that we never thought of or that we haven't yet been able to develop. Banks, lotteries and ministers have appeared in almost every country. Some were created by Presidents to help them rule the country, some by regular Citizens to place their mark on the New World.

Notwithstanding, new entities have to respect the eRepublik rules. The exception concerns the existing rule of one citizen = one real person. It is OK to administer your personal account and another organizational entity account as long as you abide by the SO Rules.

A SO account is created in the same way as a regular account.
When you create a SO it is NOT required to write a separate Contract for it. Posting a comment announcing the creation of the SO on forum was enough.

Additional explanations

  • As administrative expenses, you should buy food in order to keep the new account alive.
  • The accounts created by Presidents and representing country entities should contain within their name the word "National". The current Presidents can demand the login details of those accounts from the former Presidents and we will help, if needed, to make the transfer.
  • We strongly advise Presidents to start working on a set of rules (Constitutions) that should be voted on by the Citizens after a public debate. We will promote the voting of country constitutions and help that country, if necessary, to apply the law.

For paid law consultancy we recommend you contact Platonic or any other Citizen that has a judicial background.

  • Without a valid contract it is difficult for us to administer problems concerning your loans, game prizes, law contracts or any other agreements. Therefore: if you want to have a back-up, use the "Contracts" category.
  • These rules are provisional until the development of an alternative ruleset becomes necessary.


Author: Tzar Kaloyan
Source: Questions and answers about SO (link is not valid any more!)

What does "SO" mean?

SO stands for "Simulated Organization".

What nickname must be used for the SO account?

Any nickname can be chosen for the SO. One containing "SO" is advisable.

What real name must be used during the registration of the SO account?

You may choose any real name for the SO. It is advisable to use something containing "SO" in the name.

What gender must be used during the registration of the SO account?

You may choose any gender for the SO.

What birth year must be used for the SO account?

You may choose any birth year for the SO, as long as it is more than 14 years old.

What e-mail address must be used for a SO account?

Any e-mail address may be used. One containing "SO" is advisable.

Could you tell me what is legal and what is not for SO accounts?

The SO Rules state very clearly what is forbidden to do with a SO account.

Can a SO buy moving tickets?

A SO is allowed to buy moving tickets only if there is a proven need to move it

May SO accounts move from one place to another with moving tickets?

Although mostly unnecessary, SO accounts are permitted to move.

Can the SO buy food to eat?

A SO may buy any food in order to keep it "alive".

Can a SO exchange money?

A SO may be used to exchange money.

Can a SO train?

A SO is NOT permitted to train.

Can a SO join in military actions (like attacker or defender)?

A SO may NOT join in any military actions.

Can a SO work?

A SO is NOT permitted to work.

Can a SO invite friends?

While not advisable, a SO may invite friends.

Can a SO buy a house?

It is not forbidden to buy a house with your SO, but it is not necessary, because SO accounts are not permitted to train or work.

Can a SO buy weapon?

It is very inadvisable to buy weapons with your SO.

Can a SO buy gifts?

It is allowed to buy gifts with your SO, but only with certain specific SO accounts. We advise against this.

Can a SO be a member in a party?

A SO may NOT have membership in any political party.

Can a SO own a newspaper?

A SO may own a newspaper.

Must a SO be controlled by a single citizen?

More than one citizen can control a SO as long as the administrator names are written within the "About" section of the SO.

Can a Citizen be a Mayor and Congressman at the time they establish the SO account?

Any Citizen can create a SO account. (even Mayors, Congressmen, Presidents, etc.)

When establishing the SO account, must the creator notify the admins, post in the forums, or otherwise give formal notice of the new account?

While it is not required to give formal notice, it is advisable to post a comment announcing the creation of the SO here (link not valid any more!). No additional mails to Admin are required.

Can a SO account be established in a country separate from its owners?

A SO may be created in a country other than that of its owners.