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Nationality Flag-Netherlands.jpg Dutch
Date of birth Apr 05, 2008
Date of death 2010
Residence Wallonia
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Minister of Internal Affairs of Netherlands
September 2008 – October 2008
Prime Minister of Netherlands
October 2008 – December 2008
Preceded by BroodRoosterNL
Succeeded by ArtemIvanov
Congress member of Netherlands
May 2008 – December 2008
Minister of Internal Affairs of India
January 2009 – February 2009
Succeeded by ShYaM
Congress member of India
January 2009 – March 2009
Congress member of Netherlands
July 2009 – N/A
Party president of Libertarian Social Democrats
July 2009 – August 2009
Preceded by Sir Olf
Succeeded by Cocoamok
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Betha was a citizen of Netherlands.


He joined a party, the party were he would stay for a long, long time to come. Iron & Wine, at the time still a medium sized party trying to mean something, shortly after that he joined their forum and tasted the first flavours of politics and he figured out he was not that bad at it! Few weeks after he joined up he competed within Iron & Wine for the Mayor at the South region. Unfortunately, he lost to a player named Razing Mandre.

In that period Iron & Wine began to become the biggest and most active party in the Netherlands, and he was a proud member of it, soon enough he became a congressman as he was put up high in the party list together with some of the most successful politicians of Holland in months to come.

A month had past after his defeat and he was ready to go up for the mayor elections again. He won! He was stunned for a few moments when he saw he made it. He really didn't think he would stand a chance against older players.

Iron & Wine

That victory lasted one month as he was beaten the next month by Mark Decius, according to Betha, an awesome player. It was in that period that Iron and Wine fused with Gathering of Tweakers and it became all powerful as there was simply no other party that was active. They could not say that they didn't stimulate others to take over the old party but they just didn't. Off course Betha ran for mayor the next month, however he lost again to Mark Decius. Betha didn't give up and managed to strike back the next month and again he was the mayor. In that term he lowered the taxes a bit and attracted citizens to south region making it the most populated of the 4 regions of the Netherlands. The next month was the last Mayor elections ever as V1 was launched afterwards. In that period the first reformations were made in the Netherlands political system, Departments were founded and SO's were made for it.

Party-Iron & Wine.jpg

It was in that period that Betha was chosen as the Minister of Internal Affairs. He would stay Minister until he rose to the most 'Powerful' position of the Netherlands, the position of the Prime Minister. This is were it gets complicated though, Betha replaced an awesome politician named BroodRoosterNL who decided to leave as Prime Minister thanks to the way he reacted and decisions he made. The next term he won the elections and once more became the Prime Minister by votes.

To v1

Somewhere near the end of the Beta and the start of V1 a party named the Socialistische Partij van het Volk arose from nothingness and started gaining members.

Iron & Wine supported the party as they were dying for some action, when the Socialistische Partij van het Volk was gaining on Iron and Wine several other parties emerged. Dutch Three Star and Neerlands Hoop were the most successful of those parties. Lets call them 4e generation parties. The 4e gen parties were more aggressive than the 2e (Iron & Wine) and 3e (Socialistische Partij van het Volk) gen parties. When they made their way into the cabinet they gained more power without having to much votes from the people of the Netherlands. Everything went pretty good but time after time the (Iron & Wine and the Socialistische Partij van het Volk) got on their nerves thanks to the aggressiveness of the 4e gen parties. When the famous Decoder came out some of the 2e and 3e gen openly used it and promoted it, and that angered the 4e gen parties. In a twist of faith, the president at the time removed the 4e gen party's from the government and it left a shock-wave. That's were Betha came in.

Party-Iron & Wine v3.jpg

When Betha took over, he let Dutch Three Star in the new Government but left Neerlands_Hoop out. Many did not like his decision, but he did not care. This was, in his opinion, the only way of stopping that shock-wave for a while. He had 3 options:

1. let Neerlands_Hoop in and anger Dutch Three Star more,

2. let Dutch Three Star in and anger Neerlands_Hoop more or

3. Let them both out and anger them both.

Betha toughed that he was on good terms with the Party President from Neerlands_Hoop (RepsaJ) but he was wrong. When Betha let Dutch Three Star in he found out first hand what made BroodRoosterNL leave his office, and after a week or two he to had had it with the attitude of the regular Politician and debating citizen.

Endless discussion about a single decision he made, Betha found sad, very sad. He found out that he could not stand more of it and so Betha decided to leave office to, with all the comments that had to follow, Kixtart, the President at the time, was very disappointed; Cocoamok, respected his decision and found it a bad sign that he had the same reason of leaving as BroodRoosterNL had a month earlier (she is the one that always supported Betha, she has been an example of his political ways for many months).


When Betha left Office in the Netherlands he was contacted by BroodRoosterNL and another familiar face from his months in the Netherlands government, Dionysus. He was asked to come to India that was just liberated and was being fought for by Italians, Spanish and god knows who else. Betha came there and started doing his share of building the new country. He joined the party India First, became Congressman at the first possible moment, and was chosen to be the Minister of the Internal Affairs once more under srachit. Unfortunately Betha had some problems with the password to the MOIA org that was lost and he could not do much in that Period. His successor was ShYaM, who was under the rule of Dionysus.


Although you can say that Betha never was good at economics, he had few companies in his org so_Bethagroup, dating back from the beta. There were 2 companies active at the end - a moving ticket company in the Netherlands (Q1) and Q2 food company in India.

After semi successfully running these 2 companies, Betha decided to propose to merge with W industries, selling his Q3 food comp and selling his stock of tickets to the Netherlands.


 Peace trough the power of words, not trough the power of arms 
(Betha explaining his vision on obtaining peace to a fellow PEACE member)
 Power makes men corrupt, dumb and blind, there are only a few people that are not infected with the side effects of power. 
(Betha explaining (angered) the actions of Gonde and his war against India)
 For freedom we stand, For India we fight! 
(Betha in the phase before the Indo Indian war)


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Hard Worker (x4)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x6)
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Super Soldier (x1)
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Party President* (x1)