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Nationality Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesian
Date of birth 02 May 2008 - Day 164
Residence Western Cape
Political party Partai Republik eIndonesia
President of Indonesia
6 October 2008 – 5 November 2008
Preceded by andie wicaksono
Succeeded by n3m0
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Bima is a citizen of Indonesia.

During his early life in Erepublik, Bima was an active politician. He was elected as President of Indonesia in October 2008.

After his political career ended, he joined military.
Bima has achieved the military rank of Field Marshal, and has received 2 Super Soldier Medals for his amazing strength.

eRN is a successful newspaper published in Indonesia.
There are over 600 people subscribed to this newspaper.