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Blank Keating

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth November 12, 2009
Date of death August 2012 (est)
Residence Florida, USA
Sex Male
Married to Fionia
Newspaper The Keating Chronicles
President of USA
July 5, 2011 – August 5, 2011
Preceded by Glove
Succeeded by Cerb
Secretary General of TERRA
August 5, 2011 – September 5, 2011
Served under FlorenciaC
Preceded by FlorenciaC
Succeeded by FlorenciaC
Vice President of USA
June 5, 2011 – July 5, 2011
Served under Glove
Preceded by Leroy Combs
Succeeded by Marxus
Secretary of Education of USA
October 25, 2010 – November 12, 2011
Preceded by rainy sunday
Succeeded by Macros the "Black"
Chief of Staff of USA
May 5, 2011 – June 5, 2011
Served under Emerick
Preceded by Teucer
Succeeded by ArcNox
Congressman of USA
October 25, 2010 – January 25, 2011
Military rank Icon rank National Force**.png National Force**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Blank Keating was an Icon-USA.png American citizen of the New World.


Early History

Blank's birthplace was in Florida, USA on day 723. He began getting into all of the motions of eRepublik life a couple of weeks after registering and joined the USTC. Passing all of the exams the day he was given them, he waited for two to three weeks in the USTC reserve division until he saw an ad for SEAL Team 6. He submitted a resignation to the USTC and applied in ST6, where he was accepted and put into the training division.

Blank became a full member of ST6 in about a week and began partaking in deployments, but regressed from the national forums and other external resources. Months later, when V2 was announced, both of Blank's superiors quit the game. Blank re-established himself in the American community, posting frequently in the forums and becoming a more well known name in hopes of following the footsteps of all those who were leaving because of the changes. He applied to become a Chief Petty Officer in his platoon and was accepted later on, and he purchased a newspaper soon after that. He also switched his citizenship to Australia to assist with anti-PTO operations against Indonesia, which he held for almost 3 months before returning to the USA.

He used his newspaper to get out ideas as V2 was unfolded and older players quit.

Rise to Popularity

Eventually, he wrote a comprehensive fight guide for the battlefield, which earned over 300 votes and was used by over 9 countries. This was a sort of "breakout" point for Blank's paper, which has hosted more popular educational articles since. Colin Lantrip found a place to use him in his cabinet after his election, appointing him to the Department of Education below his fellow SEAL, rainy sunday.

He ran for Congress in the state of Colorado on day 1,070, soon after his return to America. This proved to be a good day, as he would be elected, promoted to Lieutenant in SEAL Team 6, and switch places with rainy to become Secretary of Education all in one day. Blank served all of these positions for at least a month.


After a failed campaign to become VP, Blank moved up to Secretary of the Interior, the Department of Education's mother organization. He was not reappointed the next month, and returned to solely running the Department of Education. Eventually, Blank did not run for re-election in the U.S. Congress and resigned from SEAL Team 6.

Blank joined the Ultramarines, a newly-founded militia similar to ST6 headed in the U.S., a couple of days after leaving ST6 in order to sustain himself and support militia strength in the USA's political and military landscape. Blank became more active in personal writing as he ran out of topics to the rundown for the Department of Education, sounding off on current events in the USA and running a nationwide survey to credit the most active contributor in the US at the time and to stir excitement in the actual game which some saw as dull. He also took up some tasks unrelated to his forte in educational writing, becoming the ambassador to fellow PANAM country France and taking over a small inherited Mexican party on February 15th.

A month later, his ambassadorship expanded to becoming Deputy Secretary of State and regional reporter for Western Europe. After a brief hiatus, Blank continued publishing for the Department of Education. Blank reached a half year of service in the Department of Education on April 25th, netting over 1,000 subscriptions for the paper. After Emerick's re-election on May 5th, he was appointed the U.S. Chief of Staff, and then up to Vice President with Glove's re-election in June. Blank obtained a media mogul medal after a humorous article made it up to #1 international on June 17th.

Presidency and After

Following the withdrawal of the frontrunner in the July presidential campaign, Keating launched his own campaign on June 30th, publishing one article for each remaining day until the election. Outlining almost everything he wanted to do, assembling a cabinet and gaining the endorsements of the Federalist Party and Libertarian Party, he was considered the new frontrunner as sitting Vice President until the big day, where his opponent Technician of the AMP lead almost throughout the day. Closing the gap slowly hour by hour, Keating passed his opponent around 10p eRT and went on to win the race. It was the second closest outcome and likely the closest consistent race in the history of the USA. Both candidates congratulated each other in the in-game media the following day.

Keating assembled the remainder of his cabinet in the following two days, opting mostly for well-known but underappreciated figures in national politics. The few candidates that he picked having bigger "reputations" drew the ire of his opponents. He also appointed someone new to the Secretary of Education post, ending his eight-month service to the department. Keating's term was a modest success, returning about 30 regions to the USA and defeating the Indonesian and Hungarian occupations as well as a Serbian invasion. In an end-of-the-term poll, a majority of around 60% rated Keating as a "B" president, citing media presence as good, and foreign affairs an improvement point.

Following his presidential term, Keating was elected to be Secretary General of TERRA, and continued FlorenciaC's glorious triumphs over ONE. Nothing groundbreaking happened. After a couple of months in advisory positions, Keating retired entirely from government work on his 2nd birthday, November 12th, including ending his one-year long tenure as Eternal Secretary of Education. Keating lived in Albania for a while to defend against encroaching Serbs until returning to America. After returning, Blank was mostly uninvolved with the country politics, but continued to contribute to the economy for some time. Blank quietly became completely inactive on Day 1,688.

Position History

(Flagball denotes location and incumbency.)


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 18x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 7x Battle Hero
Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif 2x Campaign Hero
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 34x Super Soldier
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 4x Congress Member
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif 2x Resistance Hero
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif 1x Mercenary
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif 3x True Patriot
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 1x Media Mogul
Icon achievement Country President on.gif 1x Country President