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Blok Independent

Party-Blok Independent.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Abbreviation Indie
Founded June 2012
Dissolved N/A
Members 112
Congress Occupancy 0%
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Liberal


Independent was originally named Nasdem and then renamed to Amien Partij. Under the agreement of HRH Faustin and Sheva0310, it was relaunched as the Independent Bloc (Blok Independent).

Sheva0310 founded this party when it was tiny, just had only few members, then, he asked his MU members, (Infern0), to join the party and because of that, Independent grow fast and reach 100 members.

The Independent Internal Standing Committee agreed that this party was formed on June 23rd 2012, after some discussion and research with its founder.

List of Independent Presidents (Since Nasdem become Independent):

  • 1. Albatrospane
  • 2. Sheva0310
  • 3. Hiiilmi
  • 4. Minerva13
  • 5. Reizal 2x
  • 6. Reinkarnasi siliwangi

History of Independent Coalition

Independent in its journey had some coalitions to be able to candidate for the Congress. The first one was with Frontal, second was with Partai Kami Sama, a coalition that gave one member (Hopesa) into the Congress. And third was with Partai Komunis eIndonesia.

Independent Structure

Last known structure are:

  • Independent Party President: Reinkarnasi siliwangi
  • Independent Secretary General: Ray Hansel
  • Independent Organization, Members, and Cadre: Zbarata
  • Independent Media, Publication and Promotion: Hopesa
  • Independent Welfare and Business: Hiiilmi

Independent Enterprises

Independent owned some enterprises, such as Koperasi Unit Independent (KUI, established by Albatrosplane), Independent Voters Club (IVC, established by Hopesa) and Independent Study Club (ISC, that have mission to make Independent smarter in RL). Beside that, some Independent's member run their private enterprises. Last KUI President was HRH Faustin and IVC President Hopesa.

Military Unit

Infern0 was Independent's Military Unit, but both party and military unit are open to anyone.

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