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General Information
Country Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Total Soldiers 67
Commanded by djstrach

Bluerose is a Polish military unit who's purpose is to support each other and act for the best of their "family" and their country. This is said to be the first group in Poland that builds their principles on those of the Sicilian Mafia. The main principle of the family is that exploiting, begging and bad behavior is general is unacceptable for their members.

Bluerose is often called a family as such conditions prevail in it, and it's members consider respect, honor and family very important. Bluerose structure is more complicated than it may seem. Highest in the hierarchy are the Don and his advisor Consigliere. Below them are Generale and Sottocapo, latter of which leads Capo and Soldati who are the lowest colleagues.

The activities of Bluerose includes trade, mainly companies and weapons. Bluerose works hard to maintain the good name through assistance of new players, following the principles and rules laid down by the head of the family. Despite the hierarchy inside the group, Bluerose cherishes family atmosphere, which consists of trust and dedication to the group.

Redrose is recruiting everyone, without minimal requirements.

Hierarchy of Bluerose

Boss (Don) - the most important person in the family, who decide on important and relevant issues.

Counselor – An advisor is the most important person in the family after Don. Counselor deals with the family finances, and represent it as the "ambassador" of the family which basically makes him Don's "right hand".

Underboss – A person who replaces Boss and takes his duties if he's absent for a long time.

General – General is responsible for all the military actions of the family. General organizes and controls military operations, and advises Don in a military related matters. General commands captains.

Captain – Each captain is responsible for operating his own "branch", each of which has 6-8 members. Captains are responsible for their group's successes and failures before the General.

Sordier – A soldier is a normal member of the family, not holding any prominent positions. Despite being in the bottom, soldiers are the key force of the Bluerose as they are dedicated to their family..

Acociatess and Family Friends – Colleagues and Friends of the Family are the people outside the family who are still well respected in the structure of Bluerose.

Icon political accept default.png Recruitment

General criteria:

  1. For main Bluerose Hit 750 with q0, Redrose no minimum limit
  2. IRC Activity
  3. Commitment to family.
  • If You want to join Bluerose, please Join our Military Unit first, and then fill this form. Finally join #bluerose channel on Rizon network, and await our Recruitment Team contacts You with further instructions
  • By joining our MU, You agree to actively participate in Polish MOD orders.
  • Every member is required to wear Bluerose (or Redrose) avatar, or at least blue (or red) rose.
  • For more information please find us on #Bluerose on Rizon network


Known Commanders of the unit are:

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