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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 488
Date of birth June 20, 2009
Residence Florida
Sex Male
Political party United Independents Party
Newspaper Abyssmal Times
Military unit United States Army
Squadron 25th/3rd
Position 1LT
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Bluh was born June 20, 2009 in USA, Arizona. He later lived in New Jersey then Central Greece and now he lives where the army takes him.

Career in the Work Force

Bluh's was an employee of Scandalous Airways. He's 10Technician , 5 Rising:Harvester, 2Mechanic skill and has received 13 Hard Worker medals.

Career in the Military

On June 26, 2009 Bluh joined in a battle to protect USA from invaders. On June 29, 2009 Bluh joined Training Division. On October 14, 2009 Bluh joined Home Guard. On November 13, 2009 Bluh joined Army RECBN. On November 25, 2009 Bluh passed the RECBN and moved on to 4/1 Army. On January 5, 2010 Bluh was promoted to XO of the 4/1, taking the spot vacated by batterytime. On January 22, 2010, Bluh was promoted yet again to CO of the 25/3. On Augest 19, 2010, Bluh was promoted to 1st Lieutenant.

Bluh has achieved a military rank of Field Marshal and has awarded 4 Super Soldier medal.

Career in Politics

On June 27, 2009 Bluh joined United Independents Party hoping to further his career with them.


Abyssmal Times is the newspaper owned by Bluh.