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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malay
National rank 256
Date of birth 26.11.2008
Residence Peninsular Malaysia
Sex Male
Political party Federal Unity Party
Faith Ahtheist
Military unit Tentera Darat Malaysia
Rank Icon rank Lieutenant.png Lieutenant

Early Life

He born out of nowhere in New York. He knew nothing about war and political movements in his country. He just confused out of propagandas that he did not even knew about. In that time, the eUnited States of America just started a war with eIndonesia. At first he fought joined the war, but for personal reason he stayed away from the War.

Career Life

He has his first job at food company long forgotten. Working for a dollar a day. Then, he moved to eMalaysia to work as an immigrant to get some extra income. In there he fell into PEACE GC by their propagandas. But soon he realized the original PEACE GC plans to conquer eMalaysia.

His Death and Revival

Soon after he got bored out of life, he killed himself by letting himself starve to death. For six months he set himself in his tomb and rise again out of a sudden from an unknown energy. But he's still the old Blutal. He felt fear for the first time in The New World as he saw his past country, eUSA conquered by eRussian and eIndonesian army forces known as PEACE GC, as he thought that the eUSA will win the war . He felt worried for what would happen to New York and other regions in eUSA.

After eUSA Resistance Victory

He fought alot against the eIndonesian in eUSA regions. After the resistance war has won to the eUSA, he fled himself back to Malaysia. Here he worked as a high paying worker in Koala Lumpur Gifts , and he trained himself in some training wars. And now he is targeting for the next eMalaysian congress to make his next move.