Bratul de Fier

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Bratul de Fier

Bratul de Fier.jpg

Soldatul este Armata. Nici o armată nu este mai bună decât soldaţii săi. CU MULT RESPECT : ONOARE ŞI PATRIE". Braţul de Fier - Veghem liniştea frontului!

General Information
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Commanded by teoteoteo


Bratul de Fier is a Romanian Military Unit in the New World.

This Military Unit is renowned by its neutral standpoint, without taking sides in political debates, or media propaganda.

Its main agenda is to be there when it matters, in battles for its countries and for its allies! With a well-organized army, Bratul de Fier has made a difference in many battles!

Commander history

Created on 30th of August, 2009, Bratul de Fier has been lead by the following commanders: dragon_73, anja_1963, Cingo, Dracon, teoteoteo (current)

Avatar Succession