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Britannia Express

Britannia express logo.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Owner Christophia
Founded December 18th, 2008
Articles 25
Content Political

Britannia Express (previously known as Germanic Express whilst its owner resided in Germany) is a newspaper in USA, (previously the United Kingdom and Germany). It is owned by Christophia and was established on December 18th, 2008. The paper is known for its subjective, often controversial content, publishing articles designed to create debate. It was the 7th most subscribed newspaper in Germany.

The first article, entitled Parliament says "No Confidence" in funky44, Minister of Defence attracted wide publicity and received over 30 votes in one day, making it one of the top-5 voted articles of 19th December 2008. His second article was an exclusive interview with the President of France, Elvea. However, the article entitled "France - a nation with no regard for democracy" is the paper's most successful yet with over 80 votes.

UK Reform Leak Controversy

On January 4th 2008, Christophia published an article in his newspaper, the Britannia Express, which contained a leaked thread from the UK Reform Party forums. Written by Deathtoll32, who was standing for election for Presidency the next day, the leaked article contained criticisms of the People's Communist Party and specific party members. Needless to say, this caused much anger from both UK Reform at Christophia for obtaining and publishing the article, and the PCP at Deathtoll32 for his comments.

UK Reform Party President, JerryGFL, responded by publishing the draft article in full later on that day with an explanation of what had happened, why the thread had been written and an attack on Christophia.

On ongoing investigation is yet to reveal who leaked the information from the UK Reform party forums.