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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth 19 April 2009
Date of death October 2009
Residence Northwest
Sex Male
Congressman of Northwest
June 25th 2009 – July 25th 2009
Party president of Fianna Fáil
July 5th 2009 – July 23rd 2009
Preceded by enoofu
Junior Minister of Ireland
July 8th 2009 – August 7th 2009
Party president of An Páirtí Saor
July 23rd 2009 – July 27th 2009
Deputy Health Minister of Ireland
August 8th 2009 – September 5, 2009
Preceded by Ian Ardbuckle
Military rank Icon rank Sergeant***.png Sergeant***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Bunnieman was a long serving Member of Fianna Fáil and tried to reform the party. His attempts were unsuccessful. He then renamed it An Páirtí Saor (later Saoirse) in an effort to regain more members. Bunnieman resigned as Party president of An Páirtí Saor on July 27th to join ISRP. He then became a member of Independents voice and tried to recruit more members. He announced his resignation from the game on September 5, 2009.


On September 5, 2009, Bunnieman left the following message in his newspaper, From The Horses Mouth.

A message from Bunnieman T.D.

A chairde,

It is with regret that I announce I shall be departing from Ireland for the long foreseeable future. This in the real world such as education, my beloved FF and GAA are calling me and I must answer these call.
My erepublik experience certainly has been one that I will treasure for quite some time and I have made many friends during my time. I was honored to serve my constituents and I appologise for abandoning them during the middle of this present term. My deputy ministries were also a honor and privilege personally and I enjoyed working with Ian and Brian immensely.
If I want to be remembered by one thing alone it is my honest. Throughout my career as a congressman I have voted on every single issue. I have been totally honest with you the people. Unfortunately at times this was questioned.
Over the next few days I shall be evaluating my quite large fortune and distributing it to those who were closest to me during my gaming time. I hope anyone omitted will not be offended.
On this Sunday I will tender my resignation to the Dáil and to my party. However I may be on the IRC every now and again just to get a view of things.
Before my departure I want to issue this message - Ireland must hold strong. We cannot allow a small nation like ours to be divided by politics. Our politicans must co-operate to achieve a national goal to bring Ireland to glorious feats.
As I said I shall only have two days left of activity. So to all farewell I shall certainly miss you all.
For the last time, Is mise le meas,