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Party-C B A.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Belarus.jpg Belarus
Abbreviation CBA
Founded August 2011
Dissolved Spring 2012
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeds Avant-Garde\CPoB
Succeeded By The Emperor's Will
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Anarchist

CBA - Short for Confederacy of Belorussian Anarchists - was a Belorussian anarchist society. The Confederacy was created in August 2011. This party was the continuation of two parties of the old Belarus: CPoB and Avant-Garde.

In Spring 2012, C B A was first renamed to The Emperor's Will, then Socialist Party of Belarus before it was established as Nacyjanalny Front.


The main principles of the Confederacy were:

  1. Pacifism. The militia only fights against imperialism and in order to protect Belarus.
  2. Communes. Confederacy's economy is based on communes and the principle of Agora - a black market of an anarchist kind.
  3. Cooperation. It is vital for the anarchist to stick together and help each other.


A list of C B A chairmen and Congressmen:

Year Month Party president Mandate Number of
2011 August Lanckaron 1st 0
2011 September Lanckaron 2nd 12
2011 October Anton_from_Cherkasy 3rd 12
2011 November Mitreiko 4th 10
2011 December M.Windu 5th 10
2012 January Lanckaron 6th 12
2012 February Eugen Chen 7th 4
2012 March Pan WarGot 8th 0


C B A militia was called Black Guards. As the Confederacy is not actually a party, the militia is an important part of it.