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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
Date of birth 8th January 2008 - Day 49
Date of death April 2009
Residence Gotland
Sex Male
Mayor of Gotland
February 21 – March 20
Congress member of Sweden
April 1, 2008 – May 30, 2008
Military rank Icon rank Recruit.png Recruit
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Cain was a politician and diplomat of Sweden.

Cain began his political career as Mayor of Gotland in February 2008 after winning the local election with a total of 8 votes. Notably the region didn’t have a single registered Arbetarepartiet MSAP party-member at the time, but neither possessed an especially active population.

Shortly thereafter he moved on to become congressman, a position that he held for two terms, coinciding with the presidency of Flashback party president Ziggyzag. During Cain’s servitude he took part in joint-party governing, and though formally representing the opposition, became Sweden’s first official foreign representative. At the time the post was known as World Ambassador and later developed into the modern office; Minister of Foreign Affairs.


Cain was originally selected as a candidate for the Ambassador post based on his usage of the English language rather than party-affiliations or values.